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Top Load Washers
Frigidaire GLGT1031F Top Load Washer

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Bad Product - Never Purchase Again


Knob for turning on is poorly designed. Have to use a pair of vice grips to pull the knob to turn it on because, over time, the very small grip lip wears down. Getting replacement knobs is impossible because they don't have any spares to ship. Nasty design all the way around.

Union City IN


Good to save space


I would recommend this to people who live in small spaces. It fits into just about any closet size and will definitely fit into any laundry space or garage. It is good for small families and small loads. I do not like the lint trap though. It seems to pop off a lot and I always have to push it back in. I like that it saves space but overall I am not a fan of the washer and dryer being stacked on top of each other because the lid to the washer is hard to get into because of the way the dryer is angled on top of it and it's awkward getting things out of the dryer. I am only five foot tall so I often leave behind a sock and don't notice until the next time i use it

Portland, OR


Frigidaire GLGT1031F Top Load Washer

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