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Frigidaire Full Refrigerator


The Frigidaire 16.7 Cu. Ft. All Refrigerator features frost free operation, an interior light, and operates in ambient temperature environments as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit (-12.2 C). Includes one fixed wire shelf, one tall tilt-out door bin, three glass shelves, four pseudo door bins, two slide out baskets.

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At the homeless shelter I volunteer at we need a refrigerator that can hold a lot of food. The freezer and refrigerator combinations just never seem to provide enough room for the large amount of people. We came across this Frigidaire Refrigerator a few years ago and it is PERFECT for us! This is a very cost effective appliance, which is great for those on a budget. This is just a refrigerator, there is no freezer. This has multiple shelves that you can adjust. The best part about this appliance is the huge amount of room. You can store almost anything in this refrigerator. The door has plenty of room and the items will not fall out when you open the door, unlike some of fridges. The one downside to this fridge is that it leaks water from the bottom sometimes. I am not sure why this occurs but it is a nuisance when it happens. I highly recommend this appliance for large families or groups of people. You will not run out of room! Noise Level This refrigerator makes no noise! Interior Organization The inside is extremely spacious which is great if you have a large family. The shelves are adjustable so you can organize them however you want. Durability One problem with this refrigerator is that it leaks from the bottom sometimes. Design Simple and minimal design.



This Fridge is almost a must for large families!


We purchased this refrigerator to be used as the main fridge in our kitchen. Our large family (9 people) goes through a lot of food, and the space offered by a standard fridge/freezer combo wasn't working. One of my favorite features are the large produce bins with adjustable dividers. Two dividers can be removed completely to create one large bin, or inserted to create up to 3 bins of varying sized. The drawers glide out smoothly, which is a nice feature. The sleek design of our stainless-front fridge is appealing to look at, and the convenience of accessing all of our primary fridge items without having them crammed into a tiny fridge space is refreshing. We use an extra top/bottom fridge for indoor frozen items and bulk fridge items, which could seem like a hassle, but, the full fridge makes up for any hassle by all the great storage space and modern design. Our friends who have noticed the fridge have only said positive things about it. The only down side to a full-fridge would be accessibility to ice, but as I said, we keep a standard freezer/fridge in another room for all the extras.



Need a frig for extra food


Great Frig if you don't need a freezer. alot of space for drinks or vegie's from the garden. Maybe a easy way to store food waiting to go on the grill. Makes life easyier when unloading the car after a shopping trip. I like to smoke meat and make sausage. This frig is great for storing meats. At thanksgiving need alot of space for this big meal.

Hendersonville, TN


Frigidaire Full Refrigerator

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