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Front Load Washers
Frigidaire Front Load Washer

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Love the size and wash of this washer


I am so impressed by this front loader washer. We switched from a top loading washer to the front loader and I was very nervous about the size and how it would wash, but after the first load of laundry the Frigidaire Front Loader Washer put my mind at ease. The washer looks to be very small when you first start putting clothes in but it actually holds almost the same amount of clothing as my extra large top loader did which amazed me! I love the different wash setting as well, I now prefer to do my clothing on extra gentle as I have found that it really does make all my clothes seem like delicates. I also love that the washer has the detergent, bleach, fabric softener attachment so that it adds in the detergent and fabric softener at the right intervals not ruining any of my clothes with too much softener or detergent. The washer is super fast and very quiet compared to my other washer. I would absolutely recommend this washer to anyone who is looking for an affordable washer!

Lexington, KY


It is a quiet running machine that saves water in washing.


As someone who has purchased Frigidaire products for many years, I am very satisfied with my front loading washing machine which is almost 4 years old now.  It was a good value for our family of four, and I like that fact that it saves water in washing the clothes as well as runs very quietly.  It is easy to use and even my husband and teenage son were able to toss in the clothes to be washed, add the detergent and then set the machine to wash the clothes.  Before I bought the washing machine, I reviewed Consumer Reports magazine which I do for all major appliance purchased, and the machine received great reviews, so that convinced me to buy this model.     

Port Washington, WI


Frigidaire Front Load Washer

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