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Frigidaire Freestanding Gas Range

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I love my oven!


I love my freestanding gas oven :D I'd never cooked with gas before and was a bit hesitant, but I am so glad we got this one. Heats up in no time, looks good, cooks food great! I love the black because it matches our other black Frigidaire appliances and looks great in our little kitchen. I recommend this product and the other Frigidaire products I have reviewed because they all work so well together and are reasonably priced for the great quality that you get. The new versions of this freestanding gas oven look much more attractive than the one pictured too. Temperature Control Woks great but one thing I noticed about the stove top was that it was difficult to get it to a low temperature, no such problem with the actual oven though. Both stove top and oven get nice and hot very quickly. Heat Distribution Everything I have cooked has turned out great, there seem to be no irregularites in the heat distribution. Durability We have only had this oven for three weeks so I can't really give an accurate description of it's durability or lifespan, but so far we are loving everything about it. Design Looks great and cooks great! Black matches the other Frigidaire products for a gorgeous kitchen. Ease of Cleaning Everything on top lifts off for an easy clean! No little itty gritty spaces for grime to build up. Very clean looking.




You get what you pay for and this is worth every penny you pay!


We purchased this stove/oven with the 5 burners back in Dec of 2007 and it is the best over I have ever had. There are 3 power burners and one simmer burner and then the long griddle burner in the middle. 2 of the power burners are lower heated but the big one boils in just a very few minutes. This oven/stove top is a time saver, and is great for cooking fast meals when on the go. The oven is convection so can also bake quick. I love the entire set up and wish that they were out years ago because we are a family on the go all of the time and this is my lifesaver for cooking. I wouldn't have it any other way. You won't be disappointed and you definately cannot go wrong with this purchase.


Harrah, OK


Love my Frigidaire, won't give it up!


I bought this Frigidaire convection oven a year ago and it has simplified my busy life! I bake several batches of cookies a week and the convection feature allows me to put three trays of cookies in at once (big oven!). I don't have to rotate the trays while they're baking and everything bakes evenly with no time adjustment. At first the convection feature freaked me out, but it is so easy to use. The touch pad converts everything for you, so you just have to set it for what the recipe calls for and it does the rest. The convect roast feature also makes my roasts, turkeys, chickens, etc. turn out more juicy and everything cooks faster.  I do like the cooktop, but I've never used the 5th burner. I haven't had much need to have 5 pots going at once and it seems akward to use. The rest of the cooktop is great. I did get the stainless steel which has a black cooktop. I don't really care for the black, everything shows up on it and I feel like I'm constantly cleaning it. But on the plus side, it is easy to clean.  Overall this is the best home purchase I've ever made and if I ever have to move, I'm taking my oven.


Round Lake, IL


Im always looking for the BEST, for the BEST price!!!


In July I bought the Frigidaire Gas Range GLGF389GB.  Possibly known as the ES530 TouchPad Control, Self-Cleaning oven, with Deep Well Style Cook Top.    I only bought this particular model after researching consumer reports, the internet, and physically seeing the ovens in several different stores.  The first thing I did with it was bake a 3 tiered graduation cake!  And it worked perfectly!  I love having more control over the heat with a gas range than with an electric one.   This oven also comes with a convection setting.  Just enter the time and baking degrees and the touchpad control automatically converts it for you to convection.  I have not used this function, and I may never....Im kind of old fashioned that Ive cooked tons since last July, and will be cooking more this Thanksgiving weekend, and this stove just doesnt let you down.  I love the five burners!!!  I even bought an oval enamel cast iron dutchoven for using the center burner.  It works great for large pots of soups, sauces, chili....anything.  This summer I had a ton of tomatoes from the garden, I cooked them all down and froze the sauce.  Some I made into actual spaghetti sauce, the rest I left open ended so that I can customize the sauce to what Im making.  Fresh All Year Round!!!  And it saves on grocery expenses over the winter. Plus the other four burners are artfully crafted into power plus burners....more btu output...all the way to just a simmer burner!!!  I bought mine in went better with my counrty kitchen than SS.  SS always seems to have too many fingerprints.  Black has its down side can see every speck of dust that lands on it.  Good thing its easy to clean!!!   Check the website for all the specs on this awesome cooking machine!  


Hilton, NY


Frigidaire Freestanding Gas Range

5.0 4