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Frigidaire Freestanding Electric Range

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I wish I would have realized how expensive "Induction" pans would be. I also didn't realize that the induction burners would only work with those pans. If buying an Induction Stove top plan on another small investment in the cookware! =) Don't get me wrong though, I do like my stove and would buy it again. I'm always side tracked and forget to boil water for the pasta or rice. Induction is an awesome time saver. Heat Distribution The induction zone (2 right burners) will only Pb (power boil) 1 burner at a time. I don't know if all induction tops are like this but I wish I could Pb 2 at a time. Durability Have had it for 18 months with no problems. Design I would have liked a 5th burner. The placement of the back right burner just doesn't work for me. I never use it as it interferes with the front one. I do love that that the left burners can be turned into one for a griddle or just expanded when using a larger pan.


Buffalo, NY


Frigidaire Electric Range has held up well!


I have had my Frigidaire electric range for 6 years now and it is still going strong, and working great! I am a big fan of the flat top stoves, because I hate cleaning burners. You do have to be careful to avoid boiling over because it is a huge pain to clean, but I have found that it just makes me watch my food closer which has been a good thing. I was nervous to go with stainless appliances because in the past they were extremely hard to clean and keep looking nice, but the Frigidaire appliances have finger smudging protection that makes them easy to maintain. The oven has worked great for me, but I don't do a ton of baking, so I am not the best judge of that. It has the convection option, but I don't really know how long to cook stuff with it so I haven't used that much. Overall, it was a good purchase for the cost.


Oregon City, OR


Great oven!


The Frigidaire 30'' Freestanding Electric Range is a great oven for our house! I bake frequently and have always found it is very consistant with keeping an even temperature with no hot spots like some other ovens have been known to suffer. Unfortunately that means if my baked goods or other items don't turn out perfectly, I cannot blame my oven! This oven is also nice in that it comes with three adjustable and removable wires of shelves. Sometimes you really do need three shelves in your oven! The broiler also provides nice, even heat. I also really like the one button convenience of having the convection option to use if I want to speed cooking along, which I have used ocassionally with very good results. Overall, a great product!


Fort Wayne, IN


Frigidaire Freestanding Electric Range

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