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Frigidaire Freestanding Electric Range - Stainless Steel


Cook entire meals with this freestanding electric range that features an upswept cooktop with an expandable element The oven features a Vari-Broil system and StoreMore storage drawer for cooking

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Sleek and Durable


I have had my Frigidaire Electric Range for a little over two months. It has been working great so far. I love that on two of the outside elements are expandable. This makes it really great if you sometimes use a variety of small and large pans. I also love that the cook top itself is flat because it makes clean up very easy. Cleaning my range is very easy. I have never used any of the expensive specialized cleaners for it. Disinfecting wipes are perfect for cleaning up splattered grease or really anything that is on the cook top after it cools. The oven is great and I really like that it has a light that can be turned on and off at the top of the range. The broiler works very nicely in the oven. I also really like the kitchen timer and cook time feature. The cleaning feature also makes this range even better. Cleaning the oven only takes a few hours, but it can get hot inside the kitchen. I also love the storage drawer underneath the oven, which is great for pots, pans, and cookie sheets. This is a really good range and definitely worth the investment. I would recommend this to anyone really. The stainless steel look is also very nice.



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The frigidaire stainless steel range is an okay range, the oven works perfectly, yet the stove top has some size issues. Temperature Control The stovetop controls run hot, from HIGH to MED is very hot, if you want to use a meduim heat, its best to turn it down past the MED setting. Design There are vents near the top of the oven door that allow debris to fall inbetween the glass plates on the oven door. Ease of Cleaning The oven door is an issue since debris can get inbetween the glass plates.

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Frigidaire Freestanding Electric Range - Stainless Steel

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