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Front Load Washers
Frigidaire FTF2140E Front Load Washer

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Not a Frigidaire Fan


As first-time homeowners, our washer and dryer were our first big purchase. We were intimidated by the appliance-buying process but felt we made a good choice with Frigidaire, they were less expensive than the other brands but had all the same advertised features. Some of what I grew to hate about our washing machine was due, I believe, to the fact it was a front-loader. I didn't have much experience with a front loader before, so I don't know how many of my problems were Frigidaire's fault and how many were par for the front-loading course. The biggest complaint my husband and I shared was how water and grime collected in the rubber lip separating the metal barrel from the door. This led to a large amount of mildew and, because we use cloth diapers, disgusting messes to be cleared out of the trap created there. Similarly, when we used All-In-One detergent/dryer sheets (by Purex), they were sucked down that trap into the machine, clogging it more than once before we realized these should not be used with the machine. Socks, too, were eaten by this washer. Finally, after five years - only months after the extended warranty was invalid, we received an error - the washing machine had simply stopped working and, from our research, would require a new control board to operate correctly. Because we were desperate for clean clothes, we opted instead for the free cast-off machine from the garage sale next door. It's a rather ancient top-loader but works perfectly and will, I suspect, continue to do so for a number of years. They just don't make 'em like they used to.

Shawnee, OK


Frigidaire FTF2140E Front Load Washer

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