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Front Load Washers
Frigidaire Elite Washer and Dryer (non-specific)

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Frigidaire front-loading washer is beautiful


We purchased both the Frigidaire washer and electric dryer in black. We have received many compliments on the set, both the washer and dryer look great. I wish I had purchased the stands for under both, though, as they would have been great for storage and also make them at a more comfortable level. They are both very easy to use, though you have to turn the nobs back and forth just to turn it on and adjust any of the temperature settings, etc. There are a lot of options on the washer and dryer, most of which I do not know how to use and therefore do not make much use of :-) I have had a few occaisions where the washer does not drain completely, I am not sure what the problem is, as the issue is intermittent. Also, I've found that if I close the washer door after I've completed a load, I get a lot of condensation on the door and then a very musty odor, so I've started to just leave the door open all the time. I love the front-loading washer, as it is very water efficient and washes quickly.

Attleboro, MA


My Frigidaire Elite Washer cleans my husband's clothes extremely


*My Frigidaire Elite Washer and Dryer are the best washer and dryer that I have ever owned-my husband is a Mechanic and works in a Machine Shop, so he gets his clothing, well-NASTY!* *I also have a 10 yr old son who can lok at dirt and it gets on his clothing and a 16 yr old "Prissy" girl that has to have her clothes sooooooo clean.* *This washer cleans their clothing as good as new and even gets my Goodwill Clothing looking like new!* *I would recommend this set of Washer and Dryer to anyone!* *The only problem I have experienced is that if someone leaves something in their pocket-my husband has to remove the filter          and it is at the bottom of the machine and hard to get to in order to clean it out.* *Also-DO NOT use Purex 3 N 1 Sheets, even though they say they are safe to use in all machines-we had to call a Service Professional due to the fact that the Sheet got through the filter and down into the pump-burning up the pump and Purex DID NOT pay to repair the machine!*

Cosby, TN


Frigidaire Elite Washer and Dryer (non-specific)

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