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Frigidaire Electric Range

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A Good Electric Range


This range came with our house when we bought it. I personally don't care for electric ranges but that aside, it has been good to us. I run a home-based baking business and I cook all the time for my family so it gets used a lot. The burners warm up pretty quickly but the oven seems to take a while. It cleans well. The functions are easy to use. Things seem to cook or bake evenly.


Lansing, MI


Even heat but design flaws


This stove heats up quickly and evenly, but the coils stay hot for quite some time after turning it off. The knobs being on the back panel is great for safety if you have children Temperature Control The heat guages are fairly accurate although it takes a while for the heat to dissipate. Heat Distribution The heat seems to be evenly distibuted Durability The plates underneath the coils crack and peel fairly easily. They should have made them significantly more heat-resistant. Design Looks nice. Modern without being weird. Also like the knobs being at the back rather than the front face so kids can't reach. Ease of Cleaning Everything is easy to clean but the plates under the coils. It does have a self cleaning option but I don't think it works that well. It is also REALLY hard to clean in between the oven door and the window but that part collects a surprising amount of sludge. Wish it either came apart easier to clean or was sealed better so nothing would get in there.




great item.


I live in an apartment and this is the cooking range appliance provided by the apartment. I really like this range alot. I am not used to digital electric ranges as I've dealt with 'regular' ranges in my life. But this range is so simple to use and it does its job very well. The timer is digital. The oven timer and heat is also digital. I thought i would feel intimidated using it, but after 'monkeying' around it for a bit, it was very easy to use: first you set the temp then set the time total. that's it. There are other ways to manuever this but I found this to be the easiest. I love how i dont have to time what I cook. The oven will automatically stop for me at the time I set it at. Besides that, range is very easy to clean. It seems that the grease/oil just wipes off easily as well as stubborn sticky foods. The electric stovetop itself heats extremely quick so one has to watch what he cooks. A++++ item. If i ever get my own range, this will be the first in my book.


Gainesville, FL


great stove for the price!


This stove is a really good dependable item. It is easy to clean and it preheats fast and acuratly. The glass top makes cleaning a breeze and the interior stays clean and if cleaning is needed, the self-cleaning option makes it quick and easy!




Frigidaire Electric Range

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