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Frigidaire Electric Range

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an okay frigidaire


Okay so I went into the review with a good intention of giving a great review save the fact you have to clean the top constantly as to not cook residue (it's not good for the surface.) Then I went to find an image to attach to this review. the electric range came with the house we bought and we thought it was nice to not have to buy one. Needless to say we were greatful. Well I typed in the model # and found a woman just recently (Aug of last 2010) had a burner turn on spontaneously and they had to cut the power to the stove for it to turn off. That her model # wasn't one included in a recent recall but yet it still showed the same signs. It worries me now, and if i were to have known this before, well, i think I would have told them to take the stove with them (the previous owners)!

Twentynine Palms, CA


Frigidaire Electric Range

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