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Frigidaire Electric Dryer

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Awesome! Best model and usefully for your buck!


**Frigidaire Dryer Model: GLER341AS2:  I've never had a lick of trouble with this dryer.  Having a reliable washer and dryer is important and I'm not disappointed.  I don't have time and energy to worry if my clothes will be dry when I need them to be.  I throw them in and take them out and they are thoroughly dry.  A lot of times, I will start my laundry at night and right before I go to sleep, I put them in the dryer and go to sleep with the hope and anticipation that it will be dry when I wake up for work.**

Luling, LA


This dryer is another terrific Frigidaire product.


This is the very first dryer I've ever had that has a light inside!!  I don't know why that's such a neat feature to me, but I just love it.  No more feeling around to see if I've left anything inside at the end of the cycle, I just peek inside. Of course, there are many other terrific features to my Frigidaire dryer.  The main thing, for me, is that it doesn't have a zillion buttons and knobs to confuse me.  I wanted something simple to use that looks nice too.  My dryer is a clean white, that loads from the front.  The lint screen is right inside the door, so it's out of sight.  There are only four knobs for me to work with.  One is the **temperature setting**.  High heat for regular & whites, medium heat for colors & perm press, low heat for knits & delicates, and no heat for air fluffing your clothes.  The second knob is another cool feature; **end of cycle signal**.  This goes off when your clothes are done (and it scares the mess out of before you get used to it) this way your clothes aren't sitting in the dryer and getting wrinkled.  The third know is the **start button**.  And the last knob is for the **timed dry **button; you can select for your clothes to dry for up to 70 minutes. The drum inside has a very large capacity.  I can fit an entire comforter inside and it isn't a tight fit.  I can do all the bath towels along with dish towels, and still have room to dry other things.  It's terrific. We keep our dryer in a little alcove.  We have doors that slide closed in front of it.  If the dryer door is on the wrong side of the dryer, our alcove doors wont close.  But what's great about this Frigidaire dryer is that it has a reversible dryer door!  YES!  Problem solved!  This was a big issue for us when we went shopping for our new dryer.  Frigidaire thinks of everything!  

Jacksonville, NC


love it


Not many driers have stood up to the abuse I put them through. I tend to go through driers every 6 months this one has lasted over a year. My husband is thrilled since buying a dryer every six months is very costly.

Knoxville, TN


Great dryer!


I recieved this Frigidaire dryer as a wedding present from my father 4 years ago (along with the washer) and I can't say how much I love it. I just do. It has so many settings to make sure you get the optimal performance. It takes care of my delicates in a special way along with my regular everyday clothes. It hasn't ever damaged or shrunk anything that I own. I am able to use the dryer for less amount of time than the original stackable that we had when we bought our home. This dryer dries the clothes quickly. The lint filter is very accessible from the front, however, it does get clogged even if you empty the trap every time you do laundry. I've taken it apart as much as I could and sucked it out with my vacuum for fear of a fire. There was a lot of lint built up which I found odd as it should have stuck to the filter. Other than that, I love this dryer!

Woodstock, CT


frigidaire dryer awesome


when our washer went out we decided to buy a new dryer also. this dryer is fantastic sits on a pedestal so no more bending. easy to clean lint trap. the different sttings are great my clothes dry faster and dont come out as wrinkled if i forget them. its quiet. love it would recommend it

Devine, TX


Does good job, but has some minor issues


I've had the Frigidaire GLEQ2152ES Dryer for the last 2 1/2 years and have only had a few minor issues. ***Pros:*** Dries clothes in a realtively short amount of time. Lots of settings. Allows for five different heat settings including no heat (great for fluffing pillow & blankets). You can also choose from timed manual settings or pre-programed settings. Good compacity, especially for price. ***Cons:*** Door wants to close. Sounds like a great thing if you're worried about the door staying open & the light staying on, but very annoying when it keeps shutting on your arm while loading & unloading. (We have checked the leveling of our machine, it is level in all directions the door just wants to close.) How the lint trap sets in the machine, clothes can sometimes get caught inbetween the machine & the edge of the lint trap. Usually happens with sleeves meaning you get wrinkled sleeves. My biggest issue is clothes gets caught between the drum edge in the front & the inside front of the machine. This has lead to two pairs of my son's bib overalls straps getting ripped off, plus several spaghetti strapped being ripped off clothes. This continues to be an issue with me that I now only dry these items while I'm in the room, otherwise I line dry them.

Avon, MN


Stay away from this Frigidaire Dryer!!!


We purchased this Frigidaire dryer about 8 months ago and have since had to replace it in that short amount of time. From the start we had nothing but problems. Inside the dryer, right behind the door, is a small gap. Our clothing was getting caught in this gap resulting in zipper pulls being ripped off, buttons being ripped off, bra hooks being bent to no repair, grease spots being left all over ours clothes especially if they were lighter in color, holes and rips being left in our clothing, and with every cycle at least one piece of clothing being left stuck in the gap to which we had to rip it out. As time went by these problems only got worse. It started with just a piece of clothing being snagged and we'd pull it out but the end result was those mentioned above. Also, I really hated that the door would not stay open. This made taking clothes out and putting clothes in a real pain in the butt. The positives to this machine, though few, are that it is a very quiet machine unlike standard machines are. Also it is very easy to operate.

Colorado Springs, CO


This Frigidaire dryer saves me time and energy!


I bought my washer at the same time that I purchased this dryer and have been pleased with the functioning of the pair. I was not familiar with the frigidaire brand in laundry pairs so my husband and I took a chance based on the energy ratings as well as the overall sale price that we were able to purchase the set in that time frame. It has been a joy to manipulate the varying dryer settings and watch the smart technology of the dryer actually sense the dryness of the load and determine needed time for dryness. It also has a sensor that sounds when the load is complete that is unlike the buzzers of the old school dryers. The lint filter is an easy clean and the machine does have a reasonable capacity for clothing. I have also been delighted that we made the extra sacrifice and purchased the pedestal. This adjusts the height on the dryer to save your back in bending as well as allows for an extra sorting space for dirty clothing or storage for other items.

Greer, SC


A good quality dryer


I pretty much want one thing out of a dryer; dry clothes.  I don't expect anything more or less.  So, I am happy to say that this dryer does, in fact, dry clothes.  I don't know if it dries clothes any more quickly than other dryers that I have used, but it dries them at least as dry as any other dryer I have used. Honestly, I don't know if I would buy this dryer again.  the only reason I bought it was because I had just bought the matching washer, and I wanted the dryer to match.  It was more expensive than other dryers available, but I wanted the matching set.  I think really that vanity just cost me a couple hundred bucks extra.   I don't have any complaints about the dryer itself though, it works well, it is quiet, supposedly it is energy efficient (how am I even supposed to know if that is true) and it looks good.  I guess I would recommend this dryer to a friend, but only as long as they realized that they were paying a bit extra for looks.   

Henderson, NV


This Frigidaire Electric Dryer has some issues...


I recently started leasing this Frigidaire 5.8 Cubic Feet Electric Dryer (White in Color) from a local rent-to-own facility, and I've had nothing but issues with it.  I was able to successfuly use this dryer for three loads of laundry before I had to get a service call submitted for it.  When it worked, it did a GREAT job in a very fast amount of time, but when I tried the forth load of laundry, the dryer shut off after just fifteen minutes.  I tried restarting the dryer, and it ran for another fifteen minutes before shutting off again.  After that point, I tried emptying out half of the laundry (from a small load in the first place), but it still ran for just fifteen minutes again before shutting off.  I called the service center and someone came out to look at it.  After using it for a bit, the technician said that he'd have to order a new motherboard as the current motherboard is sending bad signals, and the dryer thought that the laundry was dry already.  After it's back up and running, I'll try to leave another review for it's updated status.  As of right now I would NOT recommend this to anyone. 

Florence, KY


Frigidaire Electric Dryer

4.2 13