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Frigidaire Chest Freezer FFN15M5H

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Just what I needed


I purchased this freezer because the kitchen fridge is just a bit too small in the freezer section. And we have been buying more frozen meals lately from the supermarkets and big box stores and needed this freezer to have more room to stock up. Its made by a well known brand and that is always a plus. Its not too big so I can keep it in the garage and my car still fits in it. I always wanted one and finally I am glad i did. Capacity It all depends on what you like to buy and how much, this freezer is the right size for our family. Ease of Cleaning Just wipe it down, it never gets dirty inside unless you spill something in it. Durability This is a very strong and durable freezer from a good brand, you can tell just by looking at it. Its worth every dime you pay for it. Design What can I say about the design? its a big cube and the inside has plenty of room for all your frozen foods. I like the little trays on top for the small stuff like ice cream or popsicles.




Love the Frididaire Chest Freezer FFN15M5H!


I have had smaller Haier freezers in the past, but we had reached a point where we needed to get rid of the little freezers and bought one larger one. We did our due dilligence and shopped every appliance store in town. This was the first freezer we looked at, and ultimately the one we bought!!! I absolutely love it! It came with 4 baskets, which come in really handy! My family does once a month cooking, and my freezer is able to hold everyone's food, and then when they leave and take all their yummy cooking with them, I am able to separate my food into main dishes, entrees and desserts. There is also a shelf where I can put pans that I have frozen and loose them in the bottom of my freezer! The freezer is very energy efficient, and I would recommend it to anyone in the market for a chest freezer.


Bloomington, IL


Frigidaire Chest Freezer FFN15M5H

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