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Frigidaire Built-in Dishwasher FDB4050LHC0

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The Average Dishwasher


Honestly, my opinion of dishwasher in general aren't very high that being said this dishwasher isn't better or worse than your average dishwasher. Noise Level It's noise is of course loud, the positive is you know when the dishes are done. Loading Flexibility Again, I feel it's like the average dishwasher. You have to maneuver your dishes if you a lot. Takes time and patience and a bit of thinking skill. Performance Of course if you don't rinse off your dishes beforehand the dishes are still going to come out looking dirty. At that point though, to me, if you have to rinse off your dishes you might as well wash them and save yourself time and money with the electric bill. Design It's basic and designed to serve a purpose. If feels as if there isn't a lot of space but I always feel that way with dishwashers. Durability I'm sure it'll last awhile, I know personally rarely use it. Only on big holidays such as Thanksgiving, so I'd give it a good couple years at least.



Frigidaire Built-in Dishwasher FDB4050LHC0

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