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Frigidaire Built-in Dishwasher

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Worked fine until it broke exactly after warranty


Perhaps the lesson of this review should be you get what you pay for. I am not sure if this is the cheapest of the Frigidaire models but I suspect it was at the time the most inexpensive of stainless steel models at the time. This one came with our first house that was spruced up to sell in 2010. I believe the house was renovated in February and we bought the house in April, so a year and a half after it was purchased the motor blew, or six months after the one year warranty lapsed. Water would fill and drain from the unit but dishes would be cleaned, soap would be unused and the arms where not spinning even though we checked to make sure they were unobstructed. We called a repair man and he verified that the motor was getting power but dead, which is what pushes the water through the unit and thus spins the arms. The dishwasher repairman said in his opinion Frigidaire is the worst of the bunch for brand reliability and Whirlpool is the best. A cheap Whirlpool would be better than the highest end Frigidaire dishwasher. Consumer Reports seems to confirm this. He also said that replacing the motor would not be wise since most likely something else will break shortly. Oh joy! Beware this model I would say. I didn't find this model rating anywhere else including CR. As a side note, when buying a house you may want to look up the price of the current new appliances so that you can estimate the worth of these bonuses before considering what you will pay for them. Noise Level Very loud. You can hear it from upstairs. Is this normal? Cleaning Time Seems to take a long time no matter the setting choice. Loading Flexibility Relatively flexible. Except for your tallest of pots. Performance Load order and tilt of dish or pan seems to impact its performance. Having a very dirty dish and not putting it on the pots & pans setting may lead to spreading the filth around the dishwasher instead of cleaning it. Design It's stainless if you are into that kind of thing. Rack layout seems to be a good design. A titled basket for the cooking utensils would be a great addition to this unit or any unit. Do they have that anywhere? Durability Broke after a year and half.

Holly Springs, NC


Frigidaire FDB1100RHC2 Dishwasher does the job


I did not purchase the Frigidaire FDB1100RHC2 Dishwasher, I purchased the condo that came equipped with this appliance. I have used this dishwasher for several months and overall am happy with its functioning. Dishes come out clean and only need rewashing if they were over packed. That said, the interior design does not seem to hold dishes in a way that allows for the most efficient load. In particular, the upper shelf does not seem to allow for wider bowls to easily fit in, limiting how many of the slots can be filled. This is an Energy Efficient model with a Heat Dry cycle. Nonetheless, I often find a good quantity of water left on dishes- requires me to use a dishcloth to dry them- when the cycles have finished. This is overall a quiet machine, but it makes some very odd noises through its cycle. It does let you know when it is done, but unlike the other machines from Frigidaire, it doesn't remind you that it's been done and is waiting for action. This could be a pro or a con depending on one's mood. This machine has a very long cycle when doing a regular load. I have not tried the "Light Wash cycle" but according to the manual it is only 15 minutes less than the Normal wash. Overall I have been pleased with this appliance, with the exception of the excess water after drying.

Roslindale, MA


Frigidaire Built-in Dishwasher

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