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Frigidaire Built-in Dishwasher

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Not Too Bad


This dishwasher came with my house, so I have been using it for almost 2 years. It's not too bad of a dishwasher. It is a simple and easy to use dishwasher. It's very basic with basic controls, nothing fancy or extraordinary about it. One bad thing which is a problem for me is it is small. It is not good for washing pots and pans. I wash mine by hand because I use bigger pots and pans so they definitely aren't made to fit in this dishwasher. But it does hold plenty of plates and cups. So in that area it's great. I have a family of six so just washing the plates, bowls, and glasses helps me more than anything. Another bad thing is it is loud. My living room and kitchen are open to each other and I can hear the dishwasher over my surround sound, so I wash dishes before I go to bed or right after dinner while I am getting the kids ready for bed. It's just too annoying to use while I am trying to watch any tv. If you think you can go from just loading the dishwasher without rinsing the food off of it you're kidding yourself. I have to make sure there is no food on any of the dishes otherwise food particles will be all over all of the other dishes. My husband forgot to wash out all of the can chili from a small pot and it ended up all over the dishes and inside the dishwasher. I had to clean out the dishwasher by hand and then rinse the dishes by hand then run them through the dishwasher again. If I was asked to recommend this dishwasher, I wouldn't. It's a cheap dishwasher but not built for any type of family. If you're a bachelor with very little dishes then yes this dishwasher would work for you. As soon as I find the perfect dishwasher for me and I can afford it I will be replacing mine. And do not expect any of your dishes to be completely dry after the dishwasher is done running. I always have water sitting on top of my bowls and glasses. The plates and the silverware are almost always dry though.



Pretty product with poor cleaning performance


It just doesn't clean well. It looks great but we always have to run the dishes on the heavy cycle and prerinse them in order to get passably clean dishes. Even then, many times there is a sediment on the glasses. Noise Level It is very quiet. Cleaning Time Since we always have to run the dishes on the heavy cycle, it always takes FOREVER and then they still aren't great looking. The eating utensils always have to be wiped off and the glasses sometimes have to be rinsed by hand AFTER going through the dishwasher. Loading Flexibility This is okay but tall baking sheets must be handwashed. Loading pots and pans is a challenge. Performance Dishes do not come out clean in this dishwasher. After just a few weeks, there was sediment on the glasses and a film. We had to pretty much disassemble the dishwasher and clean it all out then use a commercial dishwasher clean to get passably clean dishes. Design It is a pretty machine. Durability While it hasn't broken down, it has never worked all that well.

Saint Louis, MO


Frigidaire Built-in Dishwasher

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