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Frigidaire Built-in Dishwasher

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This Frigidaire Dishwasher is okay.


I am struggling on how to review this dishwasher.  We purchased it new in January of 2010.  As far cleaning goes, it does a great job of cleaning the dishes and I don't ever find any dishes that are still dirty.  It also does a great job of drying dishes.  I like how it can sense if the dishes aren't as soiled and that it cuts down on the wash time.  My big disappointment with this dishwasher is that in December 2010 after only owning it for 11 months, it stopped working.  It started making horrible moaning sounds and wouldn't clean the dishes.  It sounded like water wasn't going through the dishwasher.  Thankfully, it was still under warranty.  The repair man came and told us the pump was shot.  I can't believe it didn't last longer than that.  I typically only wash one load of dishes a day so it is not like I am extremely hard on it.  Since it has been repaired, it has been working great and we had had no further problems.  I just hope that now that our warranty is almost up we don't run into anymore problems.

Mitchell, SD


Very sleek dishwasher


Our kitchen and living area are open to each other so when our old dishwasher decided to quit drying we just decided to buy a new dishwasher as we would be moving in a few months and this would be a selling feature.  We kept with the white because our other appliances are white and wanted something quieter than our last because of the open floor plan.  This is a sleek machine with the controls on the top of the door.  This is especially good because our children can not play with or turn on the dishwasher because they are too small to open the door.  We have not had any issues with our dishwasher as the previous reviews have had, but it is louder than we were hoping for.  I am overall satisfied with the dishwasher and would buy it again.  There is plenty of room for utensils especially with the detachable holders.  You can move them whereever they fit with big pots and pans.  The other smart feature is that the top rack can move up and down as needed with bigger pots and pans.  Overall, very satisfied!

Edgewater, FL


do not buy


I brought the Frigidaire  fghd2461k built in dishwasher when we was remodeling our kitchen. It was one of the worst purchases I have ever made. I brought this Frigidaire dishwsher because it was not the cheapest dishwasher but it was not the most expensive one. It was mid-range price and it was just in my budget. It lasted for a short time. It worked great when I first got it home and cleaned the dishes well. I didn't buy the extended warranty because I believed Frigidaire was a well known and reliable brand. Well that was not the case. I am very disappointed. When you pu dishes in the dishwaher the dishes come out dirtier then when you first put them in. It is like it is retaining dirty water and using it to rinse the dishes with it.  It would of cost the same amount of money to fix it as it would to replace the dishwasher. I can not think of anythin gI did like overloading the dishwasher that would of caused it to break.

Jeanerette, LA


Frigidaire Built-in Dishwasher

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