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Frigidaire Built-in Dishwasher

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It's okay--loud and slow


I have read the reviews that say the dishwasher gets loud after being in use for a while, but our dishwasher has been loud since I first bought it and started using it. The other problem I find with this Frigidaire dishwasher is the fact that it seems to take much longer to complete a regular cycle of dishes than any other dishwasher I have used in the past. On the positive side, I like that it is an energy star appliance. I also like that it has many different cleaning options. Having a baby, I used the sanitize setting when he was just an infant. Now I just use the regular wash cycle with heat dry off, and it still takes a LONG time to complete a cycle. I also like the option to set the wash for a delay start if I dont' want to run it right then but will forget to come restart later.

Sneads Ferry, NC


Fridgidare FDB1500LFBO


My now husband bought this dishwasher for me when we moved in together in December, 2007, less than a year later first the motor started to drop a little, he fixed it, then it started getting louder & louder, but was washing dishes just fine.  We had a repair man come out and look at it, (we purchased a 4 yr extended warranty)  he said its the drain pump, he told us Frigidaire dishwashers tend to have a loud drain pump and he sees it happen with Frigidaire models more often than not and there was nothing we could do.  He recommended either a Maytag or Whirlpool.  As soon as this one does go I will definitely check into one of those Brands.  however, the Frigidaire does clean the dishes well, so I just set the timer to wash the dishes at night after we're all in bed, I don't usually hear it then.

Clayton, DE


This Fridgidaire dishwasher is very quiet and does a great job.


This Fridigaire dishwasher is a simple, nice-looking appliance.  It has cycles for pots and pans, normal wash, eco wash, top rack and rinse only.  Options are sanitize, high-temp wash and heat dry.  It has a delay start also.  The controls are near the top of the door and are pressure sensitive, which means be careful if you lean on it or bump it with your hip because it may start.  There is a small basket in the bottom that will collect bits of bones or glass and can be removed for cleaning. This appliance replaced an old Whirlpool which broke down 10 years ago.  That machine came with the house and was already 10-15 years old.  We are quite pleased with the new machine so far.  It has a decent capacity for cups and bowls in the top rack, which has its own spray mechanism attached to the bottom, guaranteeing that the insides of the dishes get clean.  The bottom rack can hold a large pot, a serving bowl, and 12 plates of varying sizes.  Or you can fill it with plates.  The silverware baskets are a generous size. It has a good Energy Star rating and was listed as the most economical of the dishwashers on display.  However, we haven't had it long enough to determine what effect it will have on the utility bills. It has pleased us, though.  My husband because he no longer has to was a ton of dishes, and me because the cups and forks are always clean now!

Leeds, AL


Does a good job, I didn't need the extra features that it has


Nothing bad to say about this washer.  We bought ours new and haven't had a problem with it.  As the washers get more expensive you are usually just paying for a few more buttons, electronic delays, or a little more insullation.  That is until you get into the luxury models.

Carnegie, PA


Frigidaire ultra quiet does not clean the dishes!


We are renting a home in the Austin area. I thought the frigidaire dishwasher we have in the home was broken. If I put a coffee cup in with out rinsing it out it does not come clean.  Looking at the website I came across a new owner of the dishwasher and her complaint was everything I had experienced. Having to use the pots and pans cycle to get the dishes somewhat clean.  Not a good purchase. The only pro to this product is that it is a little more quiet than most dishwashers. I would rather have the clean dishes.

Round Rock, TX


Frigidaire Built-in Dishwasher

3.0 5