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Frigidaire Built-in Dishwasher

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Saves Kitchen Space But You'll Run More Often


This is probably not the best dishwasher on the market, but I really like it because it fits so nicely in my kitchen. When I redesigned my kitchen, I had lots more options for my design by using an 18 inch wide dishwasher instead of the standard 24 inches. I could not find another small dishwasher at a reasonable price. I may run this dishwasher more often than I would a big dishwasher, but that works for me. I can fit 10 plates, 6 bowls, lots of silverware and lots of glasses in one load. Noise Level This dishwasher is noisy during the first 20 minutes or so. If I have the TV on, it drowns out the noise, but I am really not a fan of the noise, so I've just gotten in the habit of running the dishwasher at night. In the morning, the dishes have been washed and are cool enough to empty. Cleaning Time I was very unhappy with how long it takes to run a load of dishes---about 50 minutes; however, I think that is pretty standard. Loading Flexibility There are not a lot of options for how to load this dishwasher. I can wash, for example, a big bowl, but that is going to take up the space for about three cereal bowls, so because this is smaller if I do wash something really bit I am not washing that much else. Performance This dishwasher does a good job of cleaning dishes, but it does not do a great job on really dirty or baked on messes.




Great dishwasher


We have hard water in our area and it cleans the dishes very well. I clean it with clr about once a month and have had no problems with dishes not coming clean. Noise Level It is so quiet I hardly know its on! It has a water saving feature which is great, and quiet. Cleaning Time Even on pot wash cycle, it takes no more than 45 min to complete the wash and dry cycle. Loading Flexibility Very little flexibility. Only plates can go in the bottom rack, and the silverware holder is held on with zip ties. Performance Cleans very well, as long as everything is spaced according to the diagram that comes with the washer. Kind of annoying at times, but it does clean well. Design Cant complain too much about the design. Its ok on the outside. I would like to be able to put more than just plates in the bottom half of the washer, but for a large family it fits quite a bit. Durability No complaints so far, and we've had it for over a year, running at least one load of dishes a day, and as many as 5 on holidays.


Fort Knox, KY


The Frigidaire FMB33ORGB is the smallest dishwasher I have seen.


We are at a different timeshare, on Treasure Island beach, and couldn't believe the size of the dishwasher we have in our unit. It is the Frigidaire Built-in Dishwasher FMB33ORGB. It sits under the cooker top. On the left are the buttons for HI Temp and Heat Dry. On the right is the knob for delay, heavy wash, normal wash, light wash, delicate, rinse only, and plate warmer. It is very narrow, but deep. The plates go in the bottom, and it has the narrowest basket for silverware. Then on the top the cups and glasses go. On the right side is a place to lay sharp knives, or utensils. The dishwasher is fairly noisy, so I tend to put it on, just before we head out. I have to use it every day, as there isn't a lot of room. It does work well on plates, etc. I haven't put any saucepans or big dishes in it, as it really isn't big enough to do that. It works okay in a timeshare, when you are only there for the week, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you were in a tiny apartment. Noise Level Can hear it in a timeshare, so we go out. Cleaning Time Pretty much the same as other machines. Loading Flexibility So small that there isn't room to move stuff. Performance Everything comes out clean. Design Goes under the counter. Durability Worked good while I used it.


New Port Richey, FL


Not the best


The Frigidaire dishwasher is not the best it is noisy, wastes too much energy, long cycles which is not needed for a good dishwasher. It has some space but nothing that I would perfer it doesn't really clean that well food particles still gets left on the dishes, silverware, cups and tupperware. It really isn't that expensive but I wouldn't recomend it for large family use maybe for a couple that is about it. It is slinder doesn't take up much space but is not that fashionable and stands out in a kitchen. More like eyesore I reckon the cycles on it is not that great and it makes noise when changing cycles it also uses more then enough water so the water bill goes up some more then ever. It shows stains on the door more I would recomend not getting white cause it shows more dirt it doesn't use good water pressure to ensure cleaness of the dishes. The dishes comes out spotty and the washer doesn't dry the dishes that well at all with the limited amount of space you would have to pile dishes on top of each other so you don't have a sink full of dishes.


Sevierville, TN


Works great, but is a little noisy.


I have a Frigidaire dishwasher, and it really does a great job of washing the dishes - I am pleased with the capacity the washer has. I do feel that the cycles can be a little long and the dishwasher is a little on the noisy side while operating - this isn't such a bad thing if your kitchen is a completely separate room from your living area.


China Grove, NC


Frigidaire Built-in Dishwasher

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