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Frigidaire Built-in Dishwasher

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Great dishwasher standing the test of time


We purchased this dishwasher 5 years ago when we remodeled our kitchen. It's a great dishwasher quite, energy efficient, and durable. We have a active family and it stands up to all the activity. And I must say we have two rambunctious boys and their not so easy on the appliances.. but this still looks and runs like the day we bought it. Noise Level Quiet for the most part unless we have a lot of pans in it. Maybe that our boys load the dishwasher sometimes and their not the best at making sure everything is put in just so kind of gets thrown in there from time to time. lol But overall I don't notice it running. Cleaning Time Doesn't take long to clean pretty fast. Loading Flexibility I'd say its very flexible on loading as I stated earlier my boys sometimes just stick stuff where ever and we never have a problem with everything fitting and getting clean. Performance Performs really well. Design like the design it's stainless steel and it doesn't get fingerprints all over it so a plus. and the inside is nice and roomy to fit everything in, in one load. Durability Two teenage boys need I say more. LOL But seriously this thing seems to be standing up to the test of time.


Booneville, AR


not a good value


Dishwasher look great and it cleaned my dishes great plus it saved on energy. But it broke down alot  the front control panel brakesdown and is very expense to repair around 300.00 plus I had my vent assembly go bad and for the part it cost me 120.00 not a very good diswasher.


Kimberly, WI


This dishwasher cleans the dishes really well.


I've had this dishwasher for over a year now and I have found that it really cleans well and is pretty quiet.  I do pre-rinse my dishes and I use rinse aid because I have found that it makes my glasses sparkling clean. It's easy to load this dishwasher and it includes plenty of silverware baskets with lids that can snap shut for smaller items that you don't want floating around the dishwasher. I really like mine and have had no problems.


Clarksville, TN


Never new a dishwasher could work so well.


On Easter Sunday 2007 my dishwasher stopped working. With all the dishes piling up I ran down and bought this dishwasher. My husband installed it and I was amazed at how clean my dishes came out. I usually have to scrub the dishes before or I will end up scrubbing them after they were "washed". Not any more. I still pre-rinse them, don't get me wrong. The only problem I have had is the top spray arm broke after 8 months.


Grand Junction, CO


Frigidaire Built-in Dishwasher

4.0 4