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Frigidaire AquaSurge Built-in Dishwasher

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My Aquasurge Dishwasher is GREAT, I love the delay start feature


I have owned this Frigidaire Aquasurge dishwasher for almost a year now and I am so impressed with the job it does! It isn't perfect... But it definately does the job. My favorite feature is the "Delay Start" Button. I can set the dishwasher to start anywhere from 1-24 hours after I load it! Seriously, that helps so much! It does a really good job in cleaning the dishes. There are only two things I don't like and they are both things I can live with. First, the bottom rack does not have room for taller dishes. Even with the adjustable top rack I can't stand my pans and some of my larger plates upright. The second issue is the way the top rack is designed. I have to work at getting the bowls to fit in just right and there isn't enough stability for the second row if you are using it for glasses. But this dishwasher features some really neat additions like movable stem holders for wine glasses and extra baskets for smaller items. Oh, and the instrument panel is neatly tucked away on the upper inside edge of the door!

Conroe, TX


I hate my aquasurge dishwasher! It doesn't clean dishes.


My Frigidaire dishwasher has been disappointing from the start.  When it didn't truly clean my dishes I phoned the customer service number and got this advice:  You must run the water until it's very hot, or your dishes won't get clean. I live in a city with a water shortage, so I've developed a habit of running water from the hot tap into jugs until it's hot, so my dishwasher can have hot water.  I use the water in jugs for other things.  Meanwhile, the dishwasher doesn't *reliably* clean the dishes.  Even the strongest cycles don't always leave me with clean dishes, and I'm upset every time I empty it. I'm going to get another brand, and junk this one.  Since it runs I could sell it, but I wouldn't do that to another person. But something else!

San Francisco, CA


Frigidaire dishwasher our second one within a year??


We purchased a house last June and pick all new appliance for our kitchen and one was the Frigidaire 4000 Series Aquasurge with Speed Clean Dishwasher. We use a dishwasher all the time and it is ran at least twice a week. When we would run the dishwasher and after its was all done washing it would drip two round water puddles at each end of the bottom of the dishwasher. We had a warranty so the company sent out the repairmen about six times and they finally found that the fan was not working and they order a new fan and install it and the first time I ran the dishwasher it still leaked.   They finally sent me a new one last month. It still leaks a little so i have to lay paper-towel each corner of my floor. This seems ridiculous. I lived in my old house for 20 years and had two dishwasher's in that time and never had this problem. It seems to not dry the dishes well ,  have to take a towel and wipe them off before I put them away and also leave a film on the glassware. Im not really happy with this dishwasher so I couldn't recommend it. I really don't know if I'm going to have them come out again and put another dishwasher in or it just has been a hassle over all.

Lake Villa, IL


A Great Dishwasher


My Frigidaire Aquasurge dishwasher has been a great addition to my kitchen.  Finally a dishwasher that gets my dishes really clean the first time.   No unplanned surprises of dirty dishes after the cycle has run.  And I love the fact that this dishwasher is quiet enough for my son to do his homework or for someone to talk on the phone in the kitchen while it is running.  No more running to open the dishwasher door when the phone rings. The brushed stainless front is so easy to keep clean and looks great in my kitchen.  This model does not have all the bells and whistles, but it is just right for what my family needs.  It has a cycle for all the types of dish loads that we need to do and it does it's job well.  The only thing I would change is maybe the top rack design.  The rack design is good if you need to add larger items like plastics, but I really would rather have the normal pegs for glasses and cups.   

Marion, NY


so quiet i have to check to make sure it is on


When I was looking to buy a dishwasher, I thought they wer all the same. I had just moved from an apartment with an older, basic model and it served it's purpose. I knew I wanted stainless steel, but I wasn't trying to spend too much money. I was looking at another model when the salesman suggested this Frigidaire brand. I am so glad he did! It costs a little more, but is so worth it. First off, it's energy star rated ( always a plus). It has a delayed sertting which is great if you want the dishes to start at a different time. It has a sanitizing rinse which is great for baby bottles and things that you really want to be germ-free. The best parts are that the stainless steel part is the newer kind that is fingerprint resistant and that it makes no noise. You can't even hear it when you are in the same room, so no more turning up the tv when it's running. It is a little more expensive than some of the others, but totally worth it.

Clinton, MD


Frigidaire AquaSurge Built-in Dishwasher

3.2 5