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Front Load Washers
Frigidaire Affinity Front Load Washer AFT6700F

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The best (and most environmentally friendly) wash


I would recommend this washer to absolutely anyone, from a large family to individual living alone.  It does hold large loads of laundry but is environmentally friendly and uses such little water even a person living alone would benefit from it.  This washer was a gift, and a little pricer than others, but I think that even if I was buying it it would apy off inthe long run.  The washer spins very fast and washes close by spinning.  the clothes are just a little bit damp when they come out of the dryer because of their fast speed, and it would not take long at all for them to hang dry.  The washer has numerous settings and temperature ranges to wash.  The washer is a "smart" machine and will calculate your exact time of the wash based on the size of your load, soil level, temperature, etc.  I especially like the soil level feature as it allows me to extend the time that my more soiled items are washed.  It also has a  delicates setting which i have found allows me to was hsome dry clean only clothes.

Travelers Rest, SC


The Frigidaire AFT6700FS Washing Machine is a superb choice.


The Frigidaire Affinity Washing Machine has been the correct choice for our household.  We bought model # ATF6700FS and have been very pleased with its performance.  We found it easy to operate and even after a short time have noticed a cost savings in our monthly water bill.  This is especially impressive as we can do laundry on a daily basis because we have four grandchildren who visit frequently and therefore, create laundry and also do laundry for an aged parent in addition to ourselves (seven people).  This machine is a high efficiency machine which has significantly saved us money regarding detergent costs.  This machine was purchased in December 2009 and five months later (May 2010) we have just purchased our second bottle of detergent.  We are pleased with the low noise level of this model, especially when compared to our previous top loading machine.  Our living area is located close to the utility room - we can actually watch TV and have conversations and hear while the washer is running.  This was hard to accomplish when our old washer was running.  Because of the cost savings, I would definitely recommend the Frigidaire Affinity line.

Jonesborough, TN


That's nice!


I recently bought this Frigidaire front loader and absolutely love it.  It's very easy to use.  The buttons and option choices are easy to understand and select.  I chose not to purchase a pedestal, so it is a little bit low, but down the line I would like to buy the matching dryer.  Then I'll be able to stack them which will be great since they're in my kitchen.  

Alsip, IL




I was convinced I had gotten a "lemon" when my pause button did not work, the softener dispenser did not dispense and the wash drum did not empty...After numerous visits from the repair people, they finally figured out that it needed a new "memory board". The unit was about 1 month old...But, since then I haven't had any problems with it.  My biggest gripe at this time,  is that with all new "he" (high efficiency) washers, you can use only "he" soap...Now what to do with the "tons" of regular soap bought on sale??  I was demanding another washer because of all the problems with this NEW one but they refused citing their policy of being able to fix them first....regardless of how many times they tried.  In the end, I accepted a free 4 year extended warranty, which I feel is probably better protection against any future? problems.  This washer now works like a charm, it has a different setting for just about anything washable...from quilts to fine hand washables. It uses very little water (and soap)  and gets the laundry really clean.   It does take longer than my old washer but it has a "time remaining indicator" so you can go about your business and know when to come back to it.  All in all, I would say that I'm finally happy with this washer.

Staten Island, NY


Frigidaire Affinity Front Load Washer AFT6700F

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