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Front Load Washers
Frigidaire Affinity Front Load Washer

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frididaire washer front loader is awesome


we just bought a frigedaire front loader after our washer went out. i love this washer so easy to use. i can put my soap and fabric softner in start it and go bout my business. its so quiet i tend to forget that its on. i would highly recommend this waher to anyone looking for a new one. i got the pedestal with it that makes it even better its just at the right height for me no bending or reaching for me


Devine, TX


Worlds greatest washer


This washer holds more laundry than any other. This wsher has an allergy cycle. This is a great water saving washer. I like the fact it has a cleaning cycle on it to keep it clean and from having odors. I like the fact that it doesn't take as long as a top load washer to wash a load of laundry. It is worth the price.


Jacksonville, NC


Frigidaire Affinity Front Load Washer terrific!


I do a lot of laundry!!  Had a combination unit, it died.  Didn't want a front loader because I thought of all the bending, and figured it would hurt my back.   I am so glad I got this machine!!  It cleans great, uses so much less water and is so much quieter than previous machine.  I highly recommend it!  I used to have to wash 12-15 loads a week, due to the large capacity of this washer I now only do 5 loads a week.


Pine City, MN


durable and works well


This washing machine dose a good job even with hard watter. It is durable and works well under frequently use. The appearances is nice and neat. I like the fact it comes with a stack under storage drawer where I can hide my detergent. It comes in several personalizing colors. I chose gunmetal gray, with black detailing. You can put a lot of clothing in at a time and they will still come out Cleon. It has many setting's that you can mix and match for your specific needs of each lode.


Plattsburgh, NY


Love my new front load dishwasher


For many years I was using a top loading clothes washer. I decided to try a front loader to save on how many loads, utility usage, and cleanliness. I can even time my wash to start at a certain time if I need to wait for what ever reason. The options are endless in how it gets washed. My clothes were coming out cleaner and drying faster. A load now would equal out to about 2-3 loads with my top loader. My utilities have come down some also. 


Kenosha, WI


Extremely user friendly, water saving and powerful machine!!


This machine is very user friendly with lots of different options from heavy washing like beadspreads, rugs to light wash in delicates.  Please don't overstuff this machine, you will lose the cleaning ability and may tear some clothing due to how powerful it is.  Beautiful and easy to clean, I recommend you wiping inside ring with dry cloth to avoid any problems with molding.  Large and perfect for our large family, I would recommend it!!!


Colorado Springs, CO


Relly quiet and money saver


This is one of the best Front load washer i had. When i got it installed it was a peice of cake. The washer was relly quiet and i didnt have any problems owning it. The only thing that bothered me was the beeping but everything else worked fine.I think that this may bet the washer i will have for a life time. It is also a washer saver so you dont have to over pay for water.  It also looks nice where ever you put it. It may be the largest waster i had so i don't have to was my time and money puting load after load after load into the wwaster when i could put in my whole basket into it!                                                                                                                                                                                                                   If anyone is looking for a washer out there and you can't find one, Well here is the one for you!


Massillon, OH


Frigidaire Affinity front load washer is an asset to my family


The Frigidaire Affinity front load washer has been an asset to my family.  I bought it about 2 years ago.  It was a great deal for the money.  It was cheaper than the other front load washers, but had the features I was loooking for.  It is easy to use, saves water, detergent, and power.  It holds more clothes than my old washer did, is quieter, and spins clothes almost dry.  I lkie that it is front load so that I do not have to bend down to remove the clothes from it.  The only negative thing I have to say about it is that the ring around the insode of the washer door gets a black film in it because water stands in it.  I have foundthat if you wipe it dry with a washcloth once a week it will stay clean though.


Greenville, KY


the Frigidare Affinity washer is fashionable and functional.


I said that the *Frigidare Affinity* is a fashionable and functional washing machine. Why did I say that? Because I loved the color of the white in the picture I saw. And It's very functional because it washes clothes. You may be thinking, " Yeah, every working washer is supposed to wash clothes." True, but all I did was press a few buttons and it was automatically ready and washing my clothes. My old washer took a lot of button pressing, and I couldn't understand the directions at all. But for the *Frigidaire Affinity Front Load Washer*, I didn't even need the instructions! Very easy to use. And it saves water. That is a big deal. I personally love the environment and all the animals that live there, so saving water and helping the animals was very nice for me. And if you don't think that saving water from your washer helps the animals and the environment, you should know that it will seriously cut the water bills. And it is quite big, so everybody's laundry can be put away at a time without any extra trips. That saves a lot of going back and forth to get laundry for me! And it was compatible with any kind of laundry soup or detergent, so that way you can use whichever soap you choose, if you prefer using *Tide *laundry soap or *oxy clean, *or any other laundry soap, then this washer will work for you! In conclusion, I used to think that I would get a better workout doing the laundry then I would at my local gym, but now It's so easy to do my laundry, and everybody else should agree too. Now, if this washer could only **fold** the clothes after they are dry for me!


Frisco, TX


quiet and efficient


I love how quiet this washer is. You can hardly tell its running at all. The controls are easy to use and it is very efficient. Overall its a great high  quality washing machine. It is expensive and I think it should have had the bottom pedestal included, but overall I'm pleased with my purchase.  I would recommend this washer for any busy moms. its easy to load and accomodates large loads easily. The controls are user friendly and easy to read


Kennesaw, GA


Frigidaire Affinity Front Load Washer

4.4 28