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Frigidaire 8.8 cu. ft. Chest Freezer FFC0923DW

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Great! Helps organize and clean up my indoor fridge/freezer


My husband and I decided to buy and extra freezer to keep out in the garage when our fridge/freezer combo started to get overpacked. After checking out prices, we went with a good sale and a brand we were familiar with. We have had the freezer for over a year now and have had no problems. Recently, we had some excess ice build up, but all we had to do was turn the freezer setting to a little warmer, and we've had no problems since. We were able to fit in a about 50 pounds of venison in the freezer, along with a several pounds of ground, frozen pizza's, frozen chicken, several frozen lean cuisines, and a dozen or so steaks and roasts, with room to spare. The freezer operates quietly, and is mostly energy efficient. You will notice a slight influx in your electric bill, but that is to be expected when running something with a good capacity. It really is a great way to stock up on food and freezer items as they come in on sale, or in our case, when a hunt goes well for my husband.

Palmdale, CA


good in the garage


I bought this freezer for my house because we have a small kitchen and the fridge we bought did not have the room to fit all of the foods we have for the week. The freezer is a good fit for the garage because it is a short distance from the actual inside of the house and it helps us be able to fit all of our food in one place. The freezer gets very cold, so I do not have to worry about any of the food getting spoiled by lack of coldness. The lid is easy to lift open and it shuts securely shut when I am finished getting what I need from the freezer. The good thing about this freezer is the deep structure of it. I have so much room to fit whole chickens and a lot of ribs and steaks in it. The freezer is a nice white color, but since it is in the garage, it tends to get a little less white every time that I see it. The freezer is also affordable and worth the price because I use it so often. This is a purchase you won't regret.

Norwich, CT


This chest freezer works great to keep food...frozen!


This was an emergency buy so we did not do a lot of research to find "the best one". My husband had just got an elk over the weekend and we went out to look for chest freezers the next day. We were looking for quality and price that weekend and we found both. We have had the freezer now for about three years and have never had a problem with it. It has great storage space and has never puttered out on us yet. It is easy to clean out and wipe up. Right now we have it unplugged to save on electricity, but seeing as how hunting season is upon us I am sure that we will be plugging it in soon. If you are wondering how much storage it has, ours was able to fit four elk legs in it. Yes- four actual legs sat in our chest freezer. I would not recommend this as it frightened me every time I opened up our freezer, but storage was not a problem. Overall, our "emergency" purchase turned out to be a great purchase!

Phoenix, AZ


Frigidaire 8.8 cu. ft. Chest Freezer FFC0923DW

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