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Frigidaire 6,500 BTU Air Conditioner

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Very pleased with the cooling ability and quietness of a/c


This Frigidaire air conditioner has been used for a little over one year now. It is mounted in the window for the hot summer months. It was very easy to install by two people. It plugs into an ac plug. There is a digital display for the temperature it is set at. There is a check filter light that comes on when the unit determines it is in need of a new filter. It just went on after over one year. You can set a timer and a sleep button for on/off. There is a cool mode, energy saver mode and a fan only mode. Also can set the fan for lo, med, hi or auto. Then an on/off button. This unit came with a remote control which has been incredibly handy. The remote is quite small and uses two AA batteries. The remote has all the features that are directly on the unit as far as functions to control. The vents can be adjusted up and down somewhat, but not necessarily side to side. The noise is very good for a window unit. I turn my tv up only one or two points when it is on compared to when it is off. Very pleased with this unit.

Cincinnati, OH


Good air conditioner for a single room or a small area.


Our central air conditioner broke last year in August so we decided to get a window unit until we could get it repaired in the fall. We bought the Frigidaire to go in the window in our bedroom. We have a two-story house with two bedrooms downstairs and two upstairs. It made our bedroom an icebox! However, it didn't do anything for the rest of the downstairs. I thought, at the least, that it would cool down our hallway and living room, which is right next to our bedroom but it didn't really help. However, I was pleased that it made our bedroom cooler and it didn't really raise our electric bill all that much. I would recommend it for a small home or apartment but not for a bigger house or one with more than one floor.

Nitro, WV


Frigidaire 6,500 BTU Air Conditioner

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