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Frigidaire 30 Inch Gas Range

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A decent and simple range for the price.


Overall, I give the Frigidaire Inch Gas Range an 8 because although I don't have any major complaints or issues, considering what we paid for it there still are a few things I dislike about the range or things that annoy me. I have come to realize that the color white is a horrible option when it comes to ranges because the grease and grime of cooking, baking, frying etc. shows up too quick and very noticeable. I also feel that the range top is too crowded. I often feel like I'm fighting with the pots and pans for space when utilizing all four burners. Temperature Control I feel that the oven takes way too long to preheat which is very frustrating when you are just coming home to 6 hungry and impatient kids. As far as the range top goes, I think it does a pretty good job at keeping the flame consistent in relation to where the burner dial is set to. Heat Distribution This kind of ties in again, with the temperature control. Once the oven is finally done preheating, the food cooks evenly and during the correct time ranges on the packages or recipes. I do however, feel that the range top/burners do not have a wide enough flame range as I often find myself having to rotate the food within the pans because it tends to heat up too fast and too hot in the center of the pan vs the outer sides. Durability I have no complaints in the durability department. This range has seen it's crazy rough days, again with a large household containing 5 preteens and teens and a toddler who likes to kick and throw things at it. Haha! I have never had to replace any knobs, burner racks, handles, oven racks, etc. Design Simple yet modern and perfect for the price range. My kids really like the digital clock/timer and preheat features. Ease of Cleaning Very easy to clean; both range and oven. My daughter can get the grease and grime off with little to no elbow grease and that's saying a lot because she is the "weakling" of the bunch. Ha!




Beautiful and good to have


I currently own this stove in my house and i truly love it. It isn't too big in my small kitchen, it's sleek, very modern, and very beautiful. The stove also works like a charm. It heats rather fast, and my food cooks at a reasonable time. Temperature Control The temperature control is on point. I didn't have to and don't need to calibrate my stove and i don't have to worry about it being too hot or not hot enough like some ovens. Heat Distribution My food heats evenly in the oven. I don't have to turn it every so often, and i don't have to worry about one side being more cooked than the other Durability I've had this oven for the past four years and i love it. i haven't had to change it, i haven't had to have it fixed, and i have had no issues with my stove. Design To me, the design is sleek and modern. It fits very well with my past few kitchen designs and no matter how much i change my kitchen, it always looks good, no matter what patterns or designs i use or upgrade to.




Frigidaire 30 Inch Gas Range

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