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Frigidaire 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher GSB5755DC

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Great dishwasher for a fair price!


This dishwasher was recommended to us at the store. They said it was a good value, but also would last us a long time. Its been about 4 years since we got, and so far it works great! Its has lots of different options for cleaning including a sanitize cycle. It also has a lock button so that kids can't open it and play in it. The racks are nice for different shapes of dishes and I like the silverware tray with knife holder. It is pretty quiet and is not loud like our old one. Our dishes get pretty clean as well. The only time we had issues was when the bottom tray needed to be cleaned. It was fairly difficult to clean, and took a lot of work, but after that it worked great again.


Salt Lake City, UT


our dishwasher works just fine.


we've had this dishwasher for a few years now, and so far we haven't had any issues with it. we run it about once a week, sometimes twice a week. what's great is the fact that there are a lot of options to load odd shaped things into the racks. there are a lot of configurations you can have because the "tines" for lack of a better word can be adjusted up or down. there are even things you flip out for wine glasses, etc. the one thing i noticed about this dishwasher is that you can start out at a 90 minute cycle but end up with a shorter cycle. i'm guessing this is the technology inside "sensing" that your dishes aren't that dirty, so it saves you time and water. we've only used powder detergent with this and have had few problems, except when the detergent cakes. but that's not very often, and 95% of the time it dissolves just fine. our dishes always come out clean, but maybe it helps that we have soft water around here!




A very disappointing experience with a beautiful dishwasher.


When I first purchased this dishwasher, I loved it. That love died a few weeks later! I was in total shock when I loaded the dishwasher one night and it just wouldn't come on. It did nothing at all. So, I called for warranty service, and the real nightmare began. The service men have been out 3 times already. First to diagnose the problem, then to install the parts they thought were the problem (which were NOT the problem since it was still not working), then again with more parts that they THINK may fix it.... and so the long wait of not having a working dishwasher goes......a month so far! I am waiting for more parts now, and IF that doesn't work, then they are supposed to replace the dishwasher. Noise Level When it was working, it ran very quietly. It's really quiet now that it doesn't work at all! Cleaning Time When it was working, the cleaning time was good and it did an excellent job. But, it's hard to like a machine that doesn't work. Loading Flexibility I loved the design of the racks. It loads odd shaped and large items easily. Even with it fully loaded, including with odd or large items, every single dish comes out clean, when it works. Performance For the few weeks it worked, it was great. But considering it only worked a few weeks, I would say performance is horrible. I was speaking to our home association manager and found out 16 other people in our community had also purchased this same dishwasher and ALL 16 have had problems with it breaking down. Not all the issues were the same, but everyone that bought one had it break down within 3 months of purchase and have had a nightmare getting the thing repaired under warranty. Design It is sleek, clean and nice looking. With the touch screen type buttons and the hidden type latch, this is really a pretty looking machine. The function of the racks, sprayers and such is great. It's just too bad the thing doesn't work for more than a few months. For that kind of money, I really think it should work for more than a few months. Durability With mine only working a few weeks before total failure, and the rest of my neighbors that had purchased one, only lasting no more than three months, I would say the durability is very poor. The warranty service is a pain, or maybe it's the the tech's that they use that have no clue what they are doing. Either way, I am not a happy customer.


Jacksonville, FL


Frigidaire 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher GSB5755DC

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