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Frigidaire 1000 Watt 1.5 Cubic Feet Over-the-Range Microwave Oven

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This is an "ok" Microwave


I purchased this Frigidaire Over the Range Microwave to match the other existing appliances in the kitchen of the house that I purchased. I probably would have chosen a different Microwave if I had the choice. Maybe try a different brand or stainless steel? But this microwave is ok. Nothing fabulous about it. I havent had any issues with it and I've owned it for 3 years. The door still latches with no issues, its easy to clean, the buttons still work for me. It heats my food evenly, although I have had to put a dish or two back in to get it a little warmer. But overall, it works, it doesnt give me any problems and its a good looking microwave. I would recommend it if you are on a budget and you want something reliable. Frigidaire is a pretty good brand and none of my Frigidaire appliances have given me any issues.

Franklin, NJ


Great Microwave


Our Frigidaire Over-the Range Microwave Oven was installed in our house when I bought it, and we have been using it for the last five years. It has been a great microwave. It is very easy to use, and has always cooked and defrosted our food the way it should be done. For defrosting, it has an easy to use table of items and cooking codes located on the upper edge when the door is open. You just punch in these codes and the microwave knows how long to defrost your items for. It has a few buttons that you can push for cooking certin foods. I use the popcorn button most often when I am making bags of popcorn, and it cooks it for just the right amount of time and has never burnt any of my popcorn. I have never had any problems with this microwave in the time that we have had it. I would recommend this microwave to anyone who is looking for one.

Level Plains, AL


Great Frigidaire Microwave Oven


My Frigidaire Microwave Oven is three years old and works great. It is easy to use, quiet and is a good size inside to accomodate most sizes of plates or bowls that you would put inside. I bought some large square dinner plates and they do fit inside but dont allow the tray to turn. However, the food still gets heated just fine. It is a powerful microwave oven that will quickly heat anything. My favorite feature is the Add 30-second button. This quickly and easily turns on the microwave for those quick warm-ups. Also, the 1,2, and 3 buttoms are quick buttons as well that will automatically turn on the microwave to that minute of time that is on the button, Example, one button gives it one minute. Overall its been a great microwave that I expect to have for a long tome to come.

Rexburg, ID


This microwave's electrical is horrible


This microwave came with our townhouse and we have had this one issue with the microwave.  You put food in and then close the door and it fails to start.  So you have to open the door then close it again and push start.  This started just after warranty expired and it is now two years old and it happens every time not just occasionally.  The settings on the micorwave do work well in heating your food and I like the quick start minute buttons. The defrost setting also works and is timed well with the food and pounds unthawing.  One thing I do not like about the microwave is the constant beeping the microwave gives you once it is done.  Many times I am taking care of kids and can't get to the food in the microwave after it is done and it sits there and beeps at me.  I know the food is in there, but I can't get to it any faster and the beeping drives me crazy.  The microwave is very easy to clean though and easy to figure out how to use.  If it wasn't for the door latching problem and beeping I would recommend this product and buy another one.

Rexburg, ID


Makes a loud squeak when rotating food


We moved in our new home at the end of January 2009.  This Frigidaire is actually the third microwave in the house.  The first one was used by the maintenance people and they did not clean it, so we were given a new one, but it was a different brand than the rest of our appliances, so this current Frigidaire is what we're using.  For a while now, there's been a loud noise coming from the turntable and it's really annoying. If you take the turntable off, the noise isn't there.  I thought about spraying under it with WD-40, but my husband said not to since it's flammable, so we're going to have to call the warranty number to get this serviced before the warranty expires.  It's disappointing to have a machine be faulty in such a short time, but then I've never been impressed with the Frigidaire name.  Had I known the builder was going to put Frigidaire appliances in my new home, I'd have declined and put a more reliable brand in.  I miss the Maytag at my old home and we're already looking at replacing the dishwasher with a Maytag or Bosch because the Frigidaire is just too noisy. My advise to Frigidaire is to make a better quality product because it's unfair to the consumer to have to replace their products because they're made so cheaply.

Sharpsburg, GA


Frigidaire 1000 Watt 1.5 Cubic Feet Over-the-Range Microwave Oven

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