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Frico Smoked Gouda Cheese

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The Perfect Cheese For Any Occasion is Frico Smoked Gouda!


Gouda is, hands down, my favorite cheese, especially the smoked kind. This brand is the one I choose most because it is easiest to find, a decent price for the treat, and better yet, the smoked flavor reminds of turkey ham so there is no need for me to purchase additional lunchmeat if I don't want to. That means I also consume less calories! Not to say that all I should be eating is cheese, but if I could have a wish granted, I would ask to have a year's supply of this cheese...and I think that I could survive on eating just this! It is very savory, great alone or on a cracker platter or in a sandwich.

Marietta, GA


Frico Smoked Gouda Cheese

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