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Fresh Supernova Mascara

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For an expensive mascara I was very unimpressed


I bought Fresh mascara as a treat for myself one day. I wanted an expensive mascara to wear to a wedding that I was going to. I was really excited to try it because the girl in the store told me it was a top seller and worked great. I was very disappointed with it when I used it. It came out very dry and went on clumpy. It did NOT layer well and I actually had to wash my face and start all over because it looked so bad. I have tried it on a few more occasions, It was expensive so I had to try :), and found the same thng to be true. I also like really black mascara and this mascara looked almost grey. The bottle it comes in is very cute and I think this may attract many buyers, but beware because the product inside is very poor. The bottle is small and expensive and frankly does not work.  I would never recommend this product to a friend and hope that you will make a better choice when treating yourself to some nice makeup!

Clayton, CA


The only mascara I use


I tried this mascara during a make up session at Sephora.  At first I was put off by the price until the girl working there put it on me.  I was amazed.  My lashes have never looked like that and now that I use it regularly, people are always commenting on how long my lashes are (they really aren't). There is a trick to applying it however.  First, you will want to put on a light coat.  Then, turn the wand vertically and sweep it back and forth across your lashes -- they will all clump together and that is fine.  Then turn your brush horizontally again and "tease" the ends.  This will separate your lashes and add the product to the ends.  This process will lengthen your lashes more than you ever thought possible.  I have noticed that the product works much better when I apply it this way. While I do think this mascara is expensive, I have decided that it is more expensive to keep trying other kinds that i do not like as much and throwing them away.  

Salt Lake City, UT




Fresh Supernova is a fantastic mascara.  I got it in conjunction with the fresh firebird mascara.  It makes my eyelashes absolutely long and luscious.  I loved it!  I usually prefer a gentler look during the daytime and a more dramatic va va voom look during the nighttime.  I am going to list the reasons why this mascara is great. 1.  The thickness.  I usually get either thickness or length.  With this, I get both! YAY! 2.  It is **not** prone to cause tarantula eyes.  I never got the thick scraggly bits on my eye lashes.  This mascara is perfect for the daytime look.  The firebird is more for the night time look.  Of course, I am sure if you curl your eyelashes and layer a bit of vaseline for softness underneath, the look can be more dramatic.  But this is more subtle. 3.  All in all a great mascara.  It can be used in common with firebird or alone.  It does not matter.  You are going to love it.

Brighton, MA


Fresh Supernova Mascara

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