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Fresh Step
Fresh Step Lavender scent kitty litter

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great smell


The first time I used the Fresh Step Lavender cat litter in my cats little box which in the garage my Husband came in the house and asked what kind of great smelling spray did I use because it smelled so great, I told him he was smelling cat litter, thats how great the scent is. Sadly this scent of litter isn't stocked very often at any of my local stores



fresh step lavender litter is my favorite


My one cat rosa loves the smell of lavendar seriously. I bought a body wash that smelled like lavendar and she was all over me when I got out of the shower. So when I saw that fresh step came out with lavendar scented litter, I had to buy it. With rosa being part bombay her body gives off a weird scent from time to time or she will smell like she has rounded in her own litter box. With me using the lavendar scented litter from fresh step rosa does not smell and I don't have to drive her crazy with giving her a bath every few weeks. This litter even makes our bathroom smell good since that is where our litter box is. I highly recommand this product to any cat owner.

Springville, NY


Not as good as the original


This Fresh step says that it will give you long lasting freshness, Not at all the case. I have 3 cats and I have been using Fresh Step for about 7 years consistently except maybe once or twice, I have never experienced any problems with it until now. I purchased this litter for a box that is rarely used. Its very dusty,doesnt clump well and does not at all hide or trap odors. I had bought the biggest size because I would have never doubted this product so I was stuck with alot left over., I went and bought the sprinkle freshener to add to it just so that I could not waste money, Very upset

Cranston, RI


Makes cleaning the litter box a little easier.


I have been using regular Fresh Step for a while. It has odor eliminating carbon which is great. It is also very good at clumping which makes cleaning the boxes easier. It is also good for multiple cats (I have two). This new version has all the perks of the old with one new thing: the scent. It really does smell like lavender and it smells so good (to me) when you pour it into the litter box. Im sure the cats must like its smell better then the old smell. If you have a cat you should definatly try this product.

Newark, DE


Fresh Step Lavender scent kitty litter

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