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Fresh Results GT Express 101

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Trash and a Scam!


I don't know how I keep ending up with all this junk, but somehow it's here. Anyways, this is a piece of junk and here's why. Don't get me wrong, some As seen on TV products are good, such as the HeatWave Convection Oven. This on the other hand, is junk. Cooking service is very small on this machine. You can cook an item about the size of a sandwich bread. Cost of shipping was expensive, so if you buy from direct, it's not worth it. There was also billing issues because they charged my credit card extra, so it's a shady company and they are scams. It's a low quality product that is not good at all. There is a cook book included, but I can't even make the product as directed. I haven't given much use because the problem is this is a very hard to clean machine with a divided cooking area. Food stuck after a few uses, and you can notice the chips. The food that you make tastes off and not usual. My omelettes were burnt, but uncooked in other areas. The heat distribution is uneven. I will not risk cooking meats on this product because I am not confident it will be cooked safely.



Fresh Results GT Express 101

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