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Fresh Naturally Deodorant Crystal, Spray Mist, 4 fl oz /120 ml

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easy, effective, NATURAL deodorant spray


When I became aware of the potential connection between the aluminum in most standard deodorant/antiperspirants and alzheimers disease, I began looking into other options.  I was especially attracted to the natural mineral deodorants because they completely avoid other potentially harmful ingredients and they leave no white residue.  My husband tried a roll-on mineral water product and, though it worked at first, it began to stink...it picked up bad odors when he used it on his underarm. **Spray Mist **by TCCD International avoids this issue completely by not touching your skin at all.  I simply spray my freshly washed armpits (one squeeze does the trick) and let them air dry for a minute or two before dressing.  Although I've never been much of a sweater, I've been very satisfied with the odor protection afforded by Spray Mist.  I only shower every 3 days and it usually continues to work throughout that time. The only problem I've had with the bottle is a clogged sprayer; the minerals had hardened at the opening.  I merely poked the hole with the end of a pin and the sprayer worked again.

Charlotte, NC


The safe eco-friendly way to deodorize - Spray Mist


**Spray Mist **by TCCD International is an amazing non-aluminum deodorant spray. It consists of only purified water and natural mineral salts. While there is no definitive proof that the use of products containing aluminum *will* result in the development of alzheimer's, the fact that there is a higher concentration of aluminum found in alzheimer's sufferers is enough for me to discontinue using products with aluminum. I tried many aluminum-free deodorants, but without much success. The only other product I found that did as well, was a solid mineral salt block, that I found at a health foods store. But even though that product was effective as a deodorant, it was difficult to use - it had to be moistened and then rubbed on the skin. And because it was a solid block of salt, it was rough and irritating to the delicate armpit skin. Also, this product had limited availability. Then I came across Spray Mist. It offers the benefit of the mineral salt, and the convenience of a spray. In addition to being an effective deodorant, the delivery system is eco-friendly - it is a pump spray bottle; no use of propellants. And I have been able to find **Spray Mist** at a number of different retailers. Here's a simplified explanation of the cause of body odor. The odor which emanates from your body is not actually *your* body's odor - sweat, in and of itself does not have an odor. Each and every person, no matter how clean, has bacteria that resides on the skin. Certain glands in the body create a more *sticky* sweat - places such as the armpits and groin The bacteria feed off that sweat, and the waste they generate is actually what stinks. So the goal of a deodorant is to somehow block that process. And without chemicals, the mineral salts in **Spray Mist** are able to provide an unappealing environment for the bacteria. So no bacteria: no odor! The only downside that some people may experience, is that this product is NOT an anti-perspirant. You will still sweat, but you won't stink doing it. But if you are concerned about your health and the health of the planet, this is a fantastic product to use.

North Attleboro, MA


Fresh Naturally Deodorant Crystal, Spray Mist, 4 fl oz /120 ml

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