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Fremo - Aloe Vera Drink

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Pulpy and Deeeelicious! Watch Out for copycats.


I never had any interest in Aloe but all of a sudden these sweet liquid treats have hit the market and stores can't keep them on their shelves. They come in 8oz and 16oz and they are filled with yummy gel bits of aloe through and through (no settling for some reason). Fremo first boasted of being sweetened only with **honey** but I think I'm beginning to see certain of their flavors with fructose. I love the newer beverages for not containing 48g of sugar like a standard soda. Tastes better and you feel better as it goes down. 80 calories in 8 oz. Already a burst of competitors are out there. Most namely the Aloevine product line. I don't like it as much as Fremo's -pomegranate -grape -kiwi -peach -original -mango -pineapple -strawberry or -Guava but Aloevine will snatch the lead because they are already available online and in the full liter size and Fremo's are hard to get even at Food Emporiums, Gristedes and D'Agostinos and still only out in 8oz and little pints. All of the Aloevine flavors contain **fructose**. But I will say only 10g of sugar and 40 calories in a cup of theirs. The import company is favoring small Asian markets instead of big chains [importers Seoul Trading Company in Hillsdale NJ]. Fremo better come on board before they get nosed out. There are health concerns with aloe so be sure its safe for you to consume. A great website for learning more about what to avoid about aloe is http://www.thealoevera.com/aloe-vera-drinks.html. For the HOT SPOTS ON THE PLANET- yes they freeze beautifully, insert straw and enjoy! Fremo is made by HEE CHANG TRADING CO., LTD. of South Korea.

Coldwater, MI


Fremo - Aloe Vera Drink

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