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Freeze IT
Freeze IT Mega Freeze Hair Spray

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Texas Hair Holds Up In Virginia Humidity!


I have a really round face and massive curly hair...the two go well together since I need a lot of height on top of my head so that my face doesn't look fat. Especially in pictures! This hair spray is every hair teaser's dream! I'm lucky that my hair's texture will hold pretty much whatever you do to it but I have friends that aren't so lucky. One friend has stick-straight, thin hair and it won't hold a curl to save its life. That all changed the day Freeze It came into her life! We sprayed the hair, curled it with a curling iron and then added another spray for good measure. The curls held up WELL into the night! The nice thing about this hairspray is that while it still holds up, it isnt SUPER ridiculously stiff that you can't manage it. I use tons of hairspray to give my curls a nice finished "oomph" and it doesn't ever get the super crispy feel that many other hairsprays do. It's pliable enough to tease after it has dried (thats one of my tricks...helps give you a great "bump"!) I will warn you that this stuff coats the walls and mirrors in the bathroom so be prepared to scrub a little when cleaning!!

San Antonio, TX


I love my freeze it.


Freeze it mega freeze hair spray is great. I have natural curly hair, which tends to be frizzy and limp sometimes. This hair spray gives me the boost I am looking for on those days when my curls are not cooperative. The back of the can says" quick drying, extreme freeze hold , non sticky, and non flaking". I would agreee on all but the flaking. But as long as you don't restyle your hair or dry brushing the style out, you will not have flakes. In other words don't spray until your ready to freeze your style in place. It means what it says. For a product to hold this well you will get some build up. I don't use it every day, if you do you should probably shampoo your hair every day because it does tend to make your hair feel very dry the next day and will build up on your scalp. I would recommend this hair spray as long as you follow the instructions, you will end up with hair that actually stays where you put it.

Helena, GA


This is one of 2 products that actually "hold" my hair in curls.


I have used Freeze it Hairspray since I first discovered it as a teenager and I LOVE this stuff! I grew up with thick hair (its thinning now) and I struggled growing up trying to find something that would hold my hairstyles in place once I got done spending hours primping to go out. Freeze it is one of the ONLY hairsprays that lives up to its name and will HOLD your style in place for hours. The only drawback is if you dont wash it out right away at the end of the night the stuff is so strong you may end up with breakage. For those going out for a special night on the town and in need of something you can count on to hold your style for hours at a time (even while dancing) I highly recommend this product.

Fenton, MI


Takes build-up to a new level


UGH. Of all the sprays I've ever used, this one has to be the worst. It definitely "freezes" as it claims, but it also won't brush out and it builds up very quickly on the hair. It was probably great for punk hair styles of the 80's or something, but I'd never use this product again even if it was **given** to me.

Tionesta, PA


It truly will last 24 hours


I ran out of the hair spray I use regularlly.  So I stopped and bought a trial-sized can of "it".  Much to my surprise, when I got a can of my regular spray I found myself spraying the "it over top of my regular spray because it was much better.  It does what it says.  "holds 24 hours."

Arcanum, OH


Texas beauty pageant hairspray. 'Nuff said?


The women in my family are all cursed with the same type of painfully straight hair.  It's not super thick but it's super straight and we all have tons of it.  I don't know if it's the Native American in us or what but we've all got the same unrul hair.  So when one of us finds a good product to manage her crazy mop, we all give it a try. At one point about three years ago, me, my mom, my two cousins and my aunt all had short spiky hairdos that required a lot of product to achieve the look.  The problem was that we could get the style but it wouldn't stay styled.  My cousin Julie called one night to inform me that she found the ultimate hair spray.  I bought it, tried it, loved it, and got on the phone to fan out the news to the whole family.  I've been using it ever since even though my hair is long now. The product is called **Freeze IT**.  It comes in a few different varieties but the only one I've ever found at my local drugstore is the one that comes in the gold can which is the **Mega** **Freeze** formulation.  It is clear, adds a bit of shine, and holds like nothing else.  Before my cousin told me about Freeze IT I was using Niospray which works good but does not hold a candle to Freeze IT which is like the Super Glue of hairspray. This spray is an aerosol so it's not super for the environment but a consolation is that, unlike other aerosols, one tiny spritz does the job. I generally use maybe three quick shots to hold my style in place and it's more than enough.  One time just for giggles (yes I had been drinking) I twisted my hair into a hair horn and sprayed it with Freeze IT and it stayed that way.  So if you're wanting to be the devil or a Who from Whoville for Halloween, this is the spray for you.  I have no doubt that the beauty pagent people own stock in the company because it would be perfect for that use.  Or those Flying Elvis dudes who skydive and then land and want their 'do to look good when they land. **5 stars** - Freeze IT hairspray is good stuff.  You cannot brush or comb thru it though so don't spray unless you're ready to commit. 

Annapolis, MD


Freeze IT Mega Freeze Hair Spray

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