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Freeze 24/7 Miracle Kit (4 Product w/ Lip Plumper)

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Freeze 24/7 is an amazing skincare system!


I have been using Freeze 24/7 Skincare for years now. I especially love the kit with the cleanser mask, mcro derma crystals, moisturizer,eye serum and the lip plumper is terrific! I have combination skin (I am 45), and my skin looks amazing! If you are looking to tighten, firm, remove blackheads, and diminish fine lines these products are miraculous! The cleansing mask is my absolute favorite...goes on like a cleanser, and turns into a foam..I use it with a soft facial brush and massage it in for a few minutes..When you're done, your skin feels soft, and thoroughly cleansed. NO residue which is my favorite part, and EASY to rinse off. Most other cleansers take forever to rinse off, and the Freeze 24/7 cleanser/mask (all in one), is the best I have ever used. The crystals I use 1 to 2 times a week, and over time, its really been refining my pores, fine lines, and keeps my skin very fresh and even in texture. The eye serum feels cooling, and tightens just enough, and doesn't flake like some serums do. The moisturizer leaves my skin feeling nice, NOT greasy, and would work well on all types of skin. I also find that I don't have to use a foundation primer to smooth out my skin before putting on foundation, it leaves my skin in such great condition. The lip plumper works great....I put it on before I do anything else to let it really soak in to my lips, so when I go to apply gloss or lipstick over it, it glides on really very nicely. I recommend ALL the freeze 24/7 products to everyone of all ages, and skin type. You just cant go wrong with any of their products!

Elmsford, NY


Freeze 24/7 works well, but a little pricey


I am big into skin care and now that I'm in into my early 30s, even more so than before. I'm constantly in search of that miracle cream that will melt away my forehead wrinkles and tighten up my neck. I've tried everything over the years and started this quest in my mid twenties. I finally broke down and tried the Freezed 24/7 product after reading a glowing review about it in one of my magazines....I have to admit, I love it! My favorite product in the bunch is the Freeze 24/7 Instant Targeted Wrinkle Beauty Treatment. It goes on cool, probably the reason for the name freeze, which is really refreshing, and almost instantly tightens the area it's applied to. A little goes a long way though, so be sure to apply sparingly just to the areas that are wrinkle prone to make sure you don't waste the product.  It's also nice to top the treatment with the Freeze 24/7 Icecream Double Scoop moisturizer...it's very hydrating, but not gooey or sticky, so it glides on and works well with makeup. I love this product and highly recommend it...the only downfall is the price point. A little bit steep for the amount of product you recieve. If the jars were bigger and last longer, I'd feel better about it. The kit lasts me about a month though.

Houston, TX


IF You Haven't Tried It You Need Too


This Skin Care Line has got to be the best line on the market today.You will notice a diffrence right from the beginning and so will your friends.The first day I used it I had a friend ask me what I was doing diffrent that my skin was glowing.I have had comment like that ever since.While the line is a little pricey if you are used to buying drugstore  or other cheaper  face creams you might be in for a little sticker shock.however you get what you pay for in the freeze 24-7 line and it so worth the money.

Springfield, OH


Freeze 24/7 Miracle Kit (4 Product w/ Lip Plumper)

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