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Freeman Freeman Papaya and Awapuhi Volume Shampoo

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Top Smell, Poor Quality


Upon smelling this shampoo I was in awe and truly hoped this would be a new found relationship that I would be enjoying for a long time to come. Sadly, this was not the case and I found myself very disappointed. First of all, the smell is amazing. Look if you want to, but there is not a better smelling shampoo out there. The smell is very fruity, very strong and powerful and something that the nose will love to smell. And, with the promises of making the hair shine and full of volume, you can see why there is so much appeal here. But the shampoo has no other benefits aside from the smell. I used it every day until the bottle was gone, and while I Did love smelling my hair all day long I did not notice any type of added volume or shine. My hair looked the same as when I used another brand of shampoo. It took a lot more shampoo than it should have to wash my just below the shoulder hair, and I did not find it to provide that big lather that I like. On the bright side there is no animal testing with this product, so that is something that you can enjoy. And, the product is relatively cheap. SO, if you wanted to wash your hair with a good shampoo and follow up with thi for the smell you could afford to do that! Effectiveness This is not a shampoo that is going to make any kind of difference in your hair one way or another. Scent This is the absolute best Papaya smell you will ever have the pleasure of smelling!

Nashville, TN


Great Tropical Scent!


When I spend big bucks to get my hair highlighted, I want that color to last. My daughter introduced me to this shampoo and we are both pleased with it so far. I wasn't expecting the shampoo to come out of the bottle with a purple color, but that's what it is. The shampoo is nice and thick and it only takes a nickle sized dollop to clean my shoulder length hair. What I love about this shampoo is the wonderful tropical scent! If you like the smell of papaya, I think it would be safe to say you'll like the smell of it because it smells like a fresh cut papaya. Heavenly! But while that makes a nice experience in the shower, by the time I get my other styling products and hairspray on my hair I can't smell the great tropical scent. As for cleaning ability, this one does a good job for little cost. It lathers up well, rinses cleanly away and leaves my hair feeling soft and clean. It really doesn't add any volume to my hair, but few shampoos do that for me. I also am not seeing an extension of the time my hair holds the color from the chemical highlights, but I would recommend this shampoo for its ability to clean and make hair feel healthy. Effectiveness This shampoo cleans and rinses well and leaves hair feeling clean and even a bit bouncy. Scent I love tropical scents as long as they aren't coconut, and this shampoo delivers, it smells heavenly!

Eagle River, AK


Freeman Papaya & Awapuhi Shampoo: Ahhhhmazing


Mmmmm...that's what I said when i first smelled this delicious shampoo. It has a nice thick consistency that won't simply run-off hair. I have never smelled anything like this shampoo, it's different from all the rest. It lathers easily and disintegrates all that dirt and oil buildup instantly! The best part of this shampoo is how shiny it makes your hair when it's dry! It has never once left my hair feeling stripped either. My oh my! Once dry, my hair is manageable, free of grease, and smelling yummy. And this shampoo isn't ridiculously overpriced either, which is awesome. I love how it also doesn't fade my color treated hair unlike most other shampoos. If it wasn't bad to wash my hair everyday i would be using Freeman papaya & Awapuhi Volume shampoo daily! I have given it to numerous friends to try and they all loved it too! I hope Freeman never stops making this wonderful product. It does wonders for my hair and my budget.

Baltimore, MD


Freeman Freeman Papaya and Awapuhi Volume Shampoo

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