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Freeman Barefoot Revitalizing Lemon & Sage Foot Scrub

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Don't Waste Your Money or Time


I have always been a person who when at home stays bare footed which is comfortable but leaves my feet feeling tough and very unattractive. I honestly can't see spending the money for a full pedicure so I took the challenge of doing it myself. I purchased Freeman Revitalizing Foot Balm (Lemon & Sage) in the hopes that this would be a good product. I had never heard of the brand but decided to give it a shot. The bottle states that this product will leave your feet feeling smooth & soft which was exactly what I needed. I will say my feet have some pretty thick dry skin, which helps with walking around without shoes. I soaked my feet, and used a foot tool to remove the layers of thick ugly skin. I knew this product couldn't work miracles by itself. So I was able to get a lot of the dead thick skin off when I tried applying this foot balm. When I poured it into my hand a runny thin clear gel come out which was not what I had expected. I should've opened this product up in the store before I bought it because I expected a thick cream or something. Decided to apply it anyway, and as soon as I applied it melts and slides off warm skin. I rubbed it in, and it literally made my skin feel sticky like glue not smooth like the bottle states. The main ingredient in this foot balm is water, along with aloe leaf, lemon extract, sage extract, tea tree oil, avocado oil, dimethicone, and some other inactive ingredients. One of the main reasons I bought this particular foot product is because it's ideal for diabetic foot care, so I assumed this had to be a good product. I was mistaken, and now left with a watery sticky foot product. This product doesn't work at all.



A blessing to my feet!


Lately I have been having lots of dry skin on my feet and crackling heals so I decided to invest and buy a foot lotion balm. My co-worker suggested the Freeman products and I decided to get the Lemon and Sage lotion - ahhh so much better! This product is very light-weight and has a soft and pleasant scent to it. After taking a shower, I put some on my heels and put my socks in right away to lock in the moisturizer cream. The next day, my feet were so smooth and looked great! I have been using this product for the past 2 weeks every night when I come home. The price is great and the product is great, what else do you want? As a bonus, it has a nice smell like I've mentioned. Not too heavy like some other foot lotions. It soothes my tired feet and helps soften them in the process. This is truly an A+ product. No matter how much they ache at the end of the day, I always look forward to applying this lotion when I come home.



Love LOVE Love it!!!!


I started using Freeman Revitalizing Foot Balm (Lemon & Sage) when I was in desperate need of something to put on my dry and cracked feet.  I tried this one time and I was sold on it.  It is the best thing that I have found to use on my feet.  It really does help my dry and cracked skin on my feet.  I can put it on there at night and the next morning I can tell a big difference.  I have always had trouble keeping my feet from getting rough and this product is the best thing ever.   I also like that all you have to use is a small amount and squeeze on you feet and rub in.  I also like the smell of this product.  It smells really nice.   I am so glad that I have finally found a product that works for me and I really really like this product.  And I am a big fan of the Freeman brand  and I look forward to trying out other products including the foot scrub.  I would recommend this to any one that is have problem getting rid of their dry and cracked skin.                                                                                                                  

Williamsburg, KY


Works for me


I really like this foot scrub.  If you have problems with cracked heels this might be the thing.  In the summer when it is sandal weather, my feet get really dried out and my heels get deep painful cracks.  When I shower, I use a pumice stone with some of this on it and it really does a great job of scrubbing the dry skin away.  It also seems to help moisturize because when I use this my heels are truly fine.  The pumice stone by itself just doesn't do the trick.  It just isn't enough scrubbing action.  But the two together are great.  In this past this was a different fruity scent, so I guess they change it up every now and then just for something new.  I don't really care what it smells like as long as it works and this does for me.  I like this line of products so much that I once filled a basket with some of these items and a pumice stone and gave them to a friend as a birthday gift.  So if a pumice stone doesn't do enough for you, try some of this on one.  It should take care of the problem.

Talihina, OK


Great for the Price!


I think that Freeman Barefoot Reviatlizing Lemon and Sage Foot Scrub is great for the price.  I bought it at a local beauty products store, and was pleasantly surprised that something so cheap could be so useful.  I know that it is ***just ***supposed to be for your feet, but I'll use it for other areas of the body as well.  The scrub does its job; I don't need a stronger exfoliation due to sensitive skin.  I've worked this product into my Saturday morning spa routine, and it leaves my skin feeling soft and renewed.  I just rub it all over and jump in the shower to rinse it off.     In addition to the scrub, Freeman Barefoot Revitalizing Lemon and Sage Foot Scrub smells absolutely fabulous, and it takes care of the callouses on my feet.  I've also received this product as a stocking stuffer before, and I absolutely loved it.  I think that it would make an absolutely fabulous gift to receive; I know that I would love it!

Chicago, IL


Freeman Barefoot Revitalizing Lemon & Sage Foot Scrub

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