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Freeman Bare Foot Lotion

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I love the peppermint!


I spend a lot of time on my feet wearing dress shoes at one of my jobs and my feet suffer greatly for it. My heels are especially dry and cracked and I have to lotion them up with something daily if I ever want to wear sandals. This foot lotion is different than most I use which have more of an oily base to really penetrate the skin, instead it's very creamy and soft. I like it a lot though because it makes my feet feel really cool and refreshed. Scent I wasn't sure how I'd feel about the combination of peppermint and plum, but it's good in it's own unique way. The best part of the peppermint is the super soothing effect it has on my tired, hot feet after working all day. It cools them right down and is very refreshing. Absorption Since this lotion has less oily products than a lot of foot lotions it absorbs a lot quicker. I still like to take my time applying it, giving it plenty of time to absorb during a relaxing foot rub.




Freeman Bare Foot Lotion

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