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Fred's Premium Diapers Size 3

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Fred's Diapers were very disappointing.


I was on a very tight budget when I bought Fred's Premium size 3 diapers. I was desperate for cheap diapers and thought I would try Fred's. They were cheaply priced and I prayed for the best. First of all, the feel of the diapers were not that durable. They were stiff. I tried to put them on the baby as they were really snug for a size 3 and then the tab broke off of the diaper. I tried another diaper and the same thing happened. I got some strong tape and put them on the diapers to hold them up. After 30 minutes or so the baby's diaper had leaked through her clothes and as I was changing her I noticed a few red spots on her skin. I didn't think much about it...it didn't look too bad and put another diaper on her using the previous method (tape). Her diapers continued to leak and her rash got worse. I had to change her three or four times in the middle of the night to keep her dry. The rash continued to get worse and before I knew it I had to take her to the doctor. I had to put a prescription cream on her to help her clear up, but it took a week. I felt so bad for her I vowed to never use the diapers again and I haven't. These diapers shouldn't even be on the market.

Duck River, TN


These diapers are all we need


These are pretty much the only consistant brand of diapers we've used so far with our 15month old. They are comfortable, soft, and absorbent. They have Garfeild on them which doesn't really influence our choice just a nice pic. Who doesn't like Garfeild? I really like the streachy tabs that are easy to attach to a sometimes wiggly girl!

Oxford, MS


great on a low budget


These would be the only diapers i would buy none "name brand". For the price of them they quality is outstanding! When I am on a tight budget and still have 2 of my three in diapers this is what i go for, I naver catch the diapers hanging (like they usually do) or leaking gel (which i have had problems with even name brands) and their beds are nice and dry each morning.

Portland, OR


Fred's Premium Diapers Size 3

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