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Frederic Fekkai
Frederic Fekkai  Wash And Wear Instant Shampoo Spray

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In Love with Fekkai but..


Having tried and fallen in love with countless Frederic Fekkai products, I really got my hopes up about this "shampoo". Afterall, who doesn't want to avoid greasy looking hair when they just can't squeeze in a couple of minutes for a shower? So, with second day hair, and this bottle of Wash and Wear Instant Shampoo Spray as my weapon, I thought I could skip the post workout shower at the gym. Spritz, spritz, spritz, and nothing. Nothing but more than it started greasy hair. So I was left with damp, greasy, flat hair. Great. Maybe if I let it dry or blow-dry it it might work. No such luck. This product just stunk. One upside? The scent is amazingly delicious. Imagine what concoction of sun tanning lotion and coconut would smell like and this is what you get. Effectiveness This product left my hair worse off than it was pre-application. Scent The scent is amazing, but it still can't make up for how much of a dud this product was.



Frederic Fekkai Wash And Wear Instant Shampoo Spray

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