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Frederic Fekkai
Frederic Fekkai Shea Butter Moisturizing Conditioner

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Fekkait SHEA butter conditioner helps control frizz well.


The best thing I like about Fekkai shea butter conditioner is that it helped reduce tangles in my hair. It also controls all the frizz. If your hair is thick and naturally wavy like mine, or damaged, then you know what I'm talking about. The shea butter does not weigh down my hair. You can go online and read about all the great benefits that come from using this. You get lots of moisture from the fatty acids that come from the shea butter. It works well.  This works well for color treated hair too. Mine is colored, and it keeps it soft and manageable. My hair dosen't require as much work with combing or added hair products that weigh it down. This does not dry out my hair like some old products I have used in the past. I can't stress how well this works for tangles. The less tangles. the less frizz. My hair dries, and it's shiny and has lots of body. This has a nice fresh scent as well. It lathers well, and rinses clean. I know it costs more than your average shampoos, but it's worth it to get a good look.

Four Oaks, NC


Fekkai Shea Butter Conditioner


I use the Fekkai Shea Butter Conditioner as a deep conditioner for my hair.  I leave it on, sometimes for as long as overnight, then rinse it out.  It leaves my hair smelling terrific and makes my hair very bouncy and shiny.  This is by far the best conditioner I have ever used.  I realize the price tag might be considered a little high, but I really believe I get good value for the money with this product, and am not just paying for some celebrity hairstylist's designer name.  I am well over forty now, and my hair has never looked better than it has since I started regularly using this product.   My hair is thick and coarse, and this product helps with smoothing and detangling, as well.  My hair is also colored and naturally part grey, and the product seems to work well with both conditions.  The only possible drawback I have noticed with this product is that it needs to be thoroughly rinsed out of my hair.  Otherwise, I really adore this product.  Because of the need to rinse the product thoroughly after use, I would suggest that people with fine or thinning hair use a modest amount of the product the first time they try it, then work up to using more once they determine how their hair reacts to it, and how easily the product rinses out. 

Ridgecrest, CA


Frederic Fekkai Shea Butter Moisturizing Conditioner

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