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Frederic Fekkai
Frederic Fekkai Protein Rx Conditioner

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Frederick Fekkai Protein Rx Conditioner


The best conditioner for my type of hair. I only have to use a small amount to condition my hair and I have very long hair. It makes my hair very soft and my hair is partially gray and I still have some coloring in my hair. So it is great on both areas of my hair. It stays soft and very easy to comb my hair afterwards. I don't have the fly-away hair afterwards and it is very controlled, soft and easy to work with after I use this Conditioner. I want to try their other products but this one is so well. It is a little expensive but worth the cost because you only need to use very little of it at once. I use it with different shampoos and it still works very, very well. Frederick Fekkai Protein Rx on such difficult hair really amazed me. I would recommend this for any type of hair. Just to be able to comb your hair at any time without anything else on it works wonders. The odor is very mild and not strong at all.

Darien, IL


Damaged hair is now softer and healthier thanks to Protein Rx.


I have an oily scalp but the rest of my hair tends to get dry, break easily, and be full of split ends.  Past color treatments have also damaged my hair, and as it is extremely long, the tangles can be hard to manage as well.  I was searching for a good conditioner to use, as my old products from Back to Basics were not working for me.  I decided to try Fekkai's Protein Rx after I saw it in Bath and Body Works.  After a few uses, I noticed that my hair felt softer and healthier, and didn't look or feel as damaged.  Even after the first use, I had already noticed that tangles seemed easier to manage and brushing didn't take as long.  I feel that my hair low ooks better, is less damaged, and is not as dry.  I currently alternate Fekkai's Protein Rx shampoo and conditioner with the Sleek Look line by Matrix, and thanks to this combination my hair looks and feels so much better than it used to.



Doesn't get any better than this.


This conditioner is pricey but it is worth every penny. My hair is over-processed (color, blow dryer and flat iron) and after using this for several months, my hair is softer, more manageable and healthier. I LOVE it!

Santa Monica, CA


Frederic Fekkai Protein Rx Conditioner

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