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Conditioner for Chemically-Treated Hair
Frederic Fekkai
Frederic Fekkai Glossing Conditioner

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would not buy again


I have used Frederic Fekkai Glossing Conditioner a few times and stopped using it because the smell outweighed the benefits. It did leave my hair soft and manageable, but I did not seem any noticeable gloss or luster once I went about my usual routine. I get better results when I use any conditioner and rinse with super cold water.



Loved it! Left my very curly hair conditioned and smoother


Used the Frederic Fekkai Glossing Conditioner for about two weeks. I was surprised at how well it worked with my naturally curly hair. I find that most conditioners leave a brief coating on my hair that sometimes weighs it down, but the Glossing Conditioner seemed to work differently. It left my hair much smoother, with less frizz and not weighed down at all. It seemed like the more I used it, the less frizzy my hair got over those two weeks. I would highly recommend it.

Phoenix, AZ


Frederic Fekkai Conditioner is the best!


I love, love, love my Frederik Fekkai Glossing conditioner. I am a hair product junkie, so I am always trying new things, and in all honesty most of the time I cannot really tell a difference from one product to the next... Until I used the Fekkai products! I have been using the Glossing shampoo and conditioner for about 2 years now, and it is pricey but I truly believe that it makes my hair glossier and more manageable without taking away all the of the body in my hair. I have naturally wavy hair that I generally straighten with a flat iron so my hair is constantly being styled, but this conditioner keeps it so healthy you would never know that I have even colored it at home from in the box colors a couple times in one month! This is absolutely the best conditioner I have ever used, and I recommend that everyone give it a try because you will be hooked!! Just prepare your wallet because it is expensive!

Virginia Beach, VA


Shiny? Heck yes. Detangling? Heck no.


Thank all that is holy that I sampled this before shelling out twenty bucks for this stuff, or heck, even nine bucks for the travel-sized version.  I have read plenty of times that Frederic Fekkai really knows his way around a woman's head of hair, so I was eager to try this.  I first used the Glossing Shampoo, which worked well enough.  Then I put this on, hoping to glean the benefits of the lush olive oil in the formula and make my hair super-shiny.  Sure, I got shiny, but really not much more than from my regular conditioner.  And it took a long time to rinse out - pretty annoying in my book.  It smelled quite lovely though, and left my hair smelling very sexy and floral-filled.  But the love, and the buck, stopped there. When I tried combing out my wet hair with my usual wide-toothed, no-snag comb, I nearly pulled my scalp out from top of my head trying to get the rat's nest of tangles out!  Hair is really fragile when it's wet, so the better the job that the conditioner does to detangle, all the better for your hair.  Won't be buying this.  Ever.

Tampa, FL


Fekkai Glossing Conditioner - GREAT, GREAT product


Like the shampoo, this conditioner is lightweight and made my hair look and feel like it did before I started blowdrying it everyday.  You don't need to use much - a little goes a long way!  Not recommended for very fine hair as it may weigh your strands down.  I love this product.

Glen Allen, VA


Smells great, and leave my hair awesome!


After using the Glossing shampoo, make sure to follow up with the Frederic Fekkai Glossing conditioner. Although it doesn't do so great for detangling, it does leave your hair feeling so soft, smelling great and good shine. Highly recommend, worth the price, if you use both shampoo and conditioner together.

West Palm Beach, FL


Frederic Fekkai Glossing Conditioner

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