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Frazee Paint
Frazee Paint Lo Glo Eggshell Enamel

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Lo Glo Paint has made my life easier


When I recently decided to upgrade my outdates guest bathroom I went down to my local Frazee Paint and Wallpaper Store to pick up paint, tools, and how to information for the project. The nice young lady behind the counter recommended Lo Glo Eggshell sheen water based enamel as the perfect paint product for my project and was she ever right! This paint is easy to apply with minimal roller spattering, and because it is water based it has a very low odor that dissipated within a day or two. I was able to wash up with soap and water and the paint has a very pretty low shine level perfect for the dramatic dark red that I chose for my bathroom. If the paint had been too shiny the room would have looked like a carnival side show instead of the elegant jewl box it now is. Because it is an enamel I can easily spots off of it without having to scrub it. I'm going to use this same paint then I am ready to do my bedroom.

Santee, CA


Frazee Paint Lo Glo Eggshell Enamel

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