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Frazee LoGlo Waterbased Enamel

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LoGlo is the best paint ever


This is the best paint I'ver ever used, and I esed a lot. I needed a paint that was water based so clean up would be easy and the paint needed to be easy to clean because I have dogs that lie up agaionst my walls and leave dirty smudges. All of the flat paints needed to be scrubbed, and the paint comes off on your sponge, but not LoGlo. It literally wipes clean and the paint stays on the wall. The eggshell sheen is the lowest amount of shine available without being matte-flat, so the look is sophisticated, without the higher shine of semi-gloss or gloss paints, and this paint can be used in any room, and is even durable enough for kitchens and bathrooms. And because it's waterbased it dries fast, and the smell goes away in just a few hours. And best of all it's made locally, right here in the Southwest in San Diego. I always try to buy products made in the United States. You should try this paint.

Santee, CA


Frazee LoGlo Waterbased Enamel

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