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Frank Corriher
Frank Corriher sausage

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Great Sausage !


This is very good sausage and I love making gravy with it and it goes good in spagetti sauce to !





After buying this brand for a long time and being satisfied--more than satisfied I have found the product to have gone downhill. For the past two out of four times of purchasing it at a local Food Lion Store--The sausage while cooking it had a very pungent odor. I have talked it over with a number o farmers and they say it is because meat from a boar hog has been used to make the product. I won't be buying anymore, because it has now become a crap-shoot to determine if the sausage will be good when I cook it the next morning.



Frank Corriher sausage is the best in the world - really.


I am a big Frank Corriher sausage fan. It is definately the best sausage for sale. It's almost as good as my Poppaw's home sausage. Since my Poppaw has passed, this is as good as it gets. I've turned other folks on to Frank Corriher sausage. The boys' dad tried it when he visited from Washington, DC. He liked it so much that he started bringing a cooler to take it back. One of his friends tried it. This guy had grown up on a farm. He knew great sausage too. He had the boys' dad bring him some too. That's just how good this sausage tastes. Frank Corriher has regular and hot sausage. I go for the hot, because I love spicy foods. Both are excellent though. If you like mild sausage, then you'll have a really high quality sausage that has a wonderful flavor. If you're a hot fan, then the hot Frank Corriher will knock your socks off. The hot is tasty and not bitter like some hot flavors. It's got a good bit of heat but not overdone. We usually fry sausage for breakfast or in patties for toast sandwiches. I do also use Frank Corriher sausage in Rotel dip. It's tempting to use less expensive sausage in a dip, but it's so good in the dip that I pay premium. The family, friends and the Scouts go wild for my dip. What sets it apart is the sausage. I tell some folks that's the secret. If you're ever in Salisbury, NC or in the piedmont, look for Frank Corriher. You will love it I'm sure. It's fresh packed and bulk at the Food Lions and comes in on Tuesday. It goes fast. It also comes in the paper packages in the pound size. Our IGA did not have Frank Corriher, but I told the manager about it. He stocks it now, so I can always get Frank Corriher. I don't like to use other brand now that I've found a really great sausage. If I move, I guess I'll have to pack coolers too.

southern, NC


It's the best store-bought sausage I've ever had.


I was introduced to Corriher's sausage (and country ham) by a very good friend in Wendell, NC. His in-laws live in that area and are well acquainted with Corriher's products. I usually get my friend to bring me back some when he's over on family business, or I stop in on my way to or from visiting my in-laws in Alabama. On two ocassions however I have driven the 3+ hours (each way) to go get sausage and ham. It's well worth the trip! I fry the sausage up for biscuits or sandwiches in the morning. I also add it to my 5 bean stew, my chili, and my Italian gravy. Everybody that tries it loves it. It is truly an outstanding product.

Clayton, NC


Frank Corriher sausage

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