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Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur

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So yummy!


Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur is quite a treat! It is great in mixed drinks, or just by itself! It is also great for baking! I have used Frangelico with cream and ice in a drink, and it's lovely. I also enjoy it baked into a chocolate cake. It adds a rich, brilliant texture and a great light hazelnut taste! It's a perfect liqueur for many reasons and it has a multitude of ways to be used. I love this stuff!



Very nice sipping drink


This happens to be my father's favorite drink. He likes it with a big glass of ice. While I like it cold as well, I prefer to drink it neat or with as few cubes as possible. The watered down version is not that great after the ice melts. Out of the bottle, you have a very nice nutty hazelnut aroma. The flavors go beyond the obvious hazelnut and also offer some butterscotch and spice. It is not high in alcohol, 24%, which is low compared to spirits which start at 40% and go up from there. I've seen my wife slip some in her coffee now and again, so keep that in mind as an idea. Very nice! If you're on the fence, I bet you can get your local liquor store to give you a small taste before buying.

Hollywood, FL


Perfect for a cold night and a warm fire


Want something smooth and warm for those cold winter nights?  Want something to mellow out and enjoy a drink?  This is for you.  I enjoy mixing it with milk and ice.  It is best when it is kept in the fridge and taken out just prior to drinking.  I have found that it is a prefect drink for having frineds over or just to mix something nice for myself to watch t.v. with.  Enojy and Happy Drinking!

Magalia, CA


frangelico,cream on ice is nice!


I really enjoy Frangelico as an evening drink after the kid has gone to bed and everything is done and it is just ME time. I make a small glass w/cracked ice, add a shot or two or Frangelico and fill glass w/cream (milk). And it is just so pleasant. It is a hazlenut liquer and has a nice taste to it and doesn't have a harsh bite to it. I think it tastes better chilled.

Debary, FL


Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur

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