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FrancisFrancis! X1 Espresso Maker

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My First Espresso Maker - I May Be Ruined For All Others!


Although I don't have a whole lot of experience with other espresso makers, I could tell immediately that the FrancisFrancis! is quality! Just the way it's built - its design is solid and sturdy, but it also looks like a work of art on my kitchen counter top. I never realized how joyous it is to have perfectly made, quick espressos in my home - day or night! And this baby can make 'em! I add water every so often and pop in the espresso packet (my boyfriend and I have been loving the packets from Lavazza, they work really well in this machine!), and voila! Restaurant quality espressos! It may be the lowest maintenance appliance in my house! I'm lucky to have received my FrancisFrancis! as a gift because I doubt if I would pay so much for an espresso maker for myself, but I will say that the cost is definitely backed up by the quality. Ease of Cleaning I was concerned about the difficulty of keeping it clean, but it's actually quite a breeze! The only potential drawback is that this thing is heavy so moving it to clean underneath can be a challenge. Design The design is the real beauty about this espresso maker, it is very elegant yet super functional. Durability This baby is the real deal - I liken it to industrial or commercial standard!



more form than function - espresso is good & it looks fantastic!


the one time i chose form over function in the kitchen, and i'm still happy with it. i read the reviews and bought the extra warranty and didhave to replace it once - but then all my other esspreso makers have broken over time and i never liked any others well enough to have them repaired - this one i won't let go. makes good cafe american, esspreso, cappuccino and latte. not perfect but darn good for home use, and let's face it - it's MUCH prettier than i am!

Los Angeles, CA


makes the best drinks


i love my coffee and i love espressos even more! this model is very expensive but since i got it as a wedding gift i did not have to pay anything for it. After using this model for a few months, i think it is so good that i would have bought it any way even if i had not received it as a gift. this machine has a temperature gauge on it that is very useful when i want to know the temperature of the drink that i want. this machine can make a variety of different flavors that all taste great. it is very easy to clean this machine with a damp cloth and my whole family like the taste of the drinks that i make. the machine has a very good design that is modern and i love the way the machine sounds because i can hardly even notice that it is on. this machine is worth every penny that my friends spent on it and i know that you will most likely enjoy it as well. the machine is a very strong quality and i know it will last me years.

Uncasville, CT


FrancisFrancis! X1 Espresso Maker

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