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Shampoo for All Hair Types
Framesi Biogenol
Framesi Biogenol Shine In

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Beautiful shine fabulous smell Framesi Shine in Shampoo


  Looking for a great smell, that silky soft feel, superior shine? You"ll find it all in **Framesi's Shine In Shampoo**. What makes it so nice is you're only buying one bottle for the whole family, it's perfect for all hair types. The "Ceramide Techonology" works wonders for colored ,dry , normal and even older kids hair ( It's not tear free) . Shine In contains ceramides which are humecantants that restore the protective moisture barriers found in healthy hair while leaving a fabulous shine. This shampoo's only draw back is you have to buy it in a salon! You can find it in any supermarket.  A small amount is all that is needed for shampooing making Shine In a great value for its price. It comes in a variety of sizes from 10.1 oz to gallon size .The awesome fabulous clean unique smell by far beats most competitors shampoos. Shine In's shimmery glistening shampoo  binds moisture to the hair, providing shine, elasticity,and energy.

Sun City, CA


Framesi Biogenol Shine In

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