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Fox Farm Ocean Forest Potting Soil 1.5 Cu Ft Bag (Fox Farm)

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For the price the best potting soil I have ever used.


I am not an "avid gardener" I plant vegetables in the spring and enjoy the propogation of different houseplants that I take cuttings from and give to friends but thats about it. But for my potted plant needs (which obviously are few) it does an amazing job! All the other brands I have worked with over the years either need process of lime treatment for PH or a thorough repeated flushing to flush excess salts or the addition of perlite just to let the roots breathe except for the hardiest of plants but this soil so well balanced it is great for anything! A couple of yard plants that I have been attempting to take cuttings from and propagate as house plants for some time unsuccesfully due to a gauntlet of issues with other soils were grown into strong young plants that now adorn my computer area thanks to I believe this soil. And it is organically fortified so if I decided to grow window herbs there is more of a buffer of available nutrients before I need to even feed and I keep it organic, or just with normal houseplants you still won't need to feed for at least a few weeks just water as normal. Bottom line this soil is amazing stuff, a little pricey but you definately get what you pay for!

Vancouver, WA


Ocean Forest is excellent for seedlings and plants alike.


I haven't found a soil that I prefer to Ocean Forest for seedlings and rooting cuttings. The nutrients are so well balanced that not only are you not overloading your little plants with harsh chemicals or pH levels, you are not skimping on good fertile soil either. It is also not too expensive, considering the price of most organic and/or hydroponic soils, and although I can't afford to use it in my outdoor garden, I love it for houseplants and seed trays. In fact, although many people might disagree with me, I prefer it to the original FoxFarm soil, because it seems to be balanced more towards root development, which is so key when your seeds are germinating. It's hard enough to get seeds to develop properly, but it's a lot easier if you have a soil which is light, with good drainage, excellent texture and perfect nutrient balanced levels. 1 cu. feet of this soil will last you a long time if you are using it the way I am, making it an excellent investment.

Nederland, CO


Fox Farm Ocean Forest Potting Soil 1.5 Cu Ft Bag (Fox Farm)

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